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I dreamt i was at a concert of Aphex

Guest Babar

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The dream starts within the exigency of a bus. After a day at the uni, i'm heading home with my girl and one of her female friend. Whilst the first one gently fills my arms, her friend starts to tease me :

« Is everything ok between you ? »

I frown with heavy insistence.

« You wanna join maybe ? »

« We could make my buddy play a part... » she retorts with a mischievous look.

I pretend to take offence at it : « That's Enough ! Maybe I had some tendency during high-school time, though I never really craved for penis... unlike you ». This said, I successively give the girls kisses in the neck which make them bend in my arms.


A red-headed boy stays on the side. He's seeing us playing this funny game, smiling.

« Who is it ?» I ask.

« He's an Erasmus student who comes from England. He's here for 6 months. »

« Is that your buddy ? »

« Yes. He's good looking, isn't he ?'

« Well, in some way... »

I step up the guy. Once the introductions are made, i draw his attention to the fact that he looks like Aphex.

« Actually I'm his nephew »

Follows a lively talk about KTPAs, and the way their genuine beauty have been given to me away in a dream.




A few months after, I've stricken up friendship with him, and we are now at a gig of his uncle. The crowd is all the more widened that we arrived late in the concert. It takes place near a lake, and consequently, some ravers are wading through water. The firs around are slightly shrivelled up, and the grass cracks behind my feet. The sunlight is pale and that makes me think we're somewhere in Finland. But I don't care : I'm here to see the Aphex Twin.

There is no stage, no speakers and no machines, just a little butte on which stands stately Richard James. For his last performance, he has brought an old saxophone without gleam.

« But that's a saxo » a hipster girl in the crowd points out.

« Is that a joke ? »

« I hope he won't be playing it »

RDJ cuts short the most scandalized voices :

« Hey everybody, you know me, it looks like a saxo, but doesn't sound like it. Let's see what you can do with it » he says to the hipster girl.

She walks up the hill, and shyly improvises some notes. Despite her poor skills, she's acclaimed by the mass.

Now it's Aphex's turn to show his best abilities. He takes the mouthpiece to his lips then take a break and gives the crowd a circular look. He laughs, likely because people might look at him both religiously and incredulously, then he gets his concentration back.

The songs starts magnificently, people start jumping everywhere. It's a track a la didgeridoo, and indeed, it doesn't sound like a saxophone.


At the end of the show, RDJ approach the crowd, and starts giving handshakes. At one point, as he goes along the mass, he's up a little rock. As someone is holding out his hand, he says : « Wait, do you think I'm gonna stoop to that ?». Then he laughs and adds with a great yuck : « Common, I'm just joking », then lean over and shakes the hand.

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i didn't read it but I had a rdj dream where it was at a fair and he was playing in my hometown. He played bwoon dub and it was the best music I ever heard I a dream. It sounded like 200X better than the actual bwoon dub. It was on an AWESOME system. I felt shroomed

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Guest hahathhat

once i dreamed i was working at some storage or auction place or something, all sorts of random shit, furniture lamps widgets in a large room. i found a GX-1, or that's what my dream told me it was. didn't look anything like the real thing. anyways, once i spotted it i immediately sat down and started dicking around. some of the knobs were like little gears that stuck up an inch and a half or so. i got a mad jam going, some fun with cutoff, got so into it i snapped the knob off. i shat a brick and quietly walked off hoping no one saw. i still got in trouble

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