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Plaid Remix of Plone'sOn My Bus, Unreleased Tracks As Well


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11 Mark Pritchard '3/4 Heart' (Original by Balil - Black Dog Productions) (7:12)

12. Mira Calix with Oliver Coates 'In A Beautiful Place Out In The Country' (Original by Boards Of Canada) (6:16)

13. Pivot 'Colorado' (Original by Grizzly Bear) (4:13)

14. Bibio 'Kaini Industries' (Original by Boards Of Canada) (3:40)

15. Jamie Lidell 'Little Brother' (Original by Grizzly Bear) (4:41)

16. Leila 'Vordhosbn' (Original by Aphex Twin) (5:00)

17. John Callaghan 'Phylactery' (Based on Tilapia by Autechre) (5:34)

18. Gravenhurst 'I Found The F' (Original by Broadcast) (3:25)

19. Plaid 'On My Bus' (Original by Plone) (4:15)

20. Seefeel 'Acrobat' (Original by Maximo Park) (4:02)


10" 1


A1. Boards of Canada 'Seven Forty Seven' (8:36)

B1. Autechre 'Oval Moon (IBC mx)' (7:18)

B2. Clark 'Rattlesnake' (2:01)


10" 2


C1. Plaid 'Dett' (5:08)

C2. Elecktroids 'Elecktroids Bonus Circuit' (2:48)

D1. Flying Lotus 'Tronix' (3:45)

D2. Nightmares On Wax 'Biofeedback Dub' (5:14)


10" 3


E1. Plaid 'Sam Lac Run' (4:00)

E2. Nightmares On Wax 'Mega Donutz Dub' (5:15)

F1. Broadcast 'Sixty Forty' (4:31)

F2. Seefeel 'As Link' (3:12)

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