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  1. Crush the Mushrooms. Blawan’s been my favourite producer starting from before his first release.
  2. If doesn’t seem to be a popular opinion, but who cares, I loved it!
  3. Who’d have known back in 1991 we’d still be as excited about new FSOL releases now as we were back then. Wonderful.
  4. ^^^ This. Brian is a legend. I agree, what a great release. As Deepchord used to say about their tape dub reduxes: this is sonic immersion of the highest order!
  5. You wanted more Colundi? You got more Colundi!
  6. The KLF - The White Room Or... if compilations count: Various - Blueprints For Modern (Techno)logy Vol. 1
  7. @purlieu this is absolute quality, my friend. Loving it. Do you know if Garry and Brian are following your blog?
  8. Agreed, Narkpop was the berries. Looking forward to this also.
  9. Cmon son, I've never actually played it. Very occasionally I take it from the shelf, carefully unsheathe it, gaze at it's pristine form for a few mins, before re-wrapping and returning to said shelf.
  10. That laser cut steel Quaristice Versions 2xCD is my most cherished possession.
  11. Ah... ordering that CD sharpish was totally the right thing to do.
  12. It's time to keep an eye on https://allpossibleworlds.de again
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