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  1. Brown, Snivilisation and Insides. Golden era pearlers.
  2. Huge modular rig at Eurovision. Mainstream now.
  3. Cmon, the Brown album is a timeless classic. The three track run of 'Lush 3-1', 'Lush 3-2', into 'Impact (The Earth Is Burning)' is outstanding. It still hits as hard as it did back in the day.
  4. This is a great write up, thanks for sharing. The Middle of Nowhere was the last Orbital album I really enjoyed from start to finish, the last of the great ones. Downhill from there, sadly. Every album since has had highlights, but each just hasn't seemed to hold together as a whole.
  5. Oh, these tracks have all been remastered too. Nice.
  6. Fucking whisky strikes again. This is good though.
  7. Agreed, I did the same. Love Morphology, love Firescope, love Steve Rutter 🙂
  8. Indeed, the titles are pretty descriptive, collections of twelve tracks from their 12" releases. I wonder if we'll see volumes 3 and 4 😄
  9. Two album length releases coming up on Steve Rutter's Firescope 👀
  10. This one is my guilty pleasure Orbital 🙂
  11. To me, this one always felt like the bros doing their take on a bad, late-era Prodigy track.
  12. New Variant output up on the Echospace [Studio] bandcamp. Does anyone dare buy the physicals? 😄
  13. https://aleksiperala.bandcamp.com/album/cycles-10
  14. €20 for a digital album is taking the fucking piss though
  15. https://aleksiperala.bandcamp.com/album/cycles-9
  16. He should tri repetaeing that with my DMs
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