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Africa Hitech - 93 Million Miles

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Guest Benedict Cumberbatch

actually really liked the other africa hitech releases, despite not thinking i would on first listen. really grew on me



this might be a step too far though. this vocal looping makes my teeth hurt

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Guest ruiagnelo

mark should hang out with tom middleton more frequently. they did used to make great music before

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I've never been that much into their stuff but have to admit this track is pretty good :music: !

But I love the shit out of their artworks. Really sweeeeeeets colors !

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Guest analogue wings

i dunno why, but i have this odd feeling that if a black producer not signed to warp made this exact track wattum's response would be... different

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OMG because of this sample I went on a hard Africa Hitech listening period for the past two days. There is some stuff I just can't bear, but there is some stuff I just fell in love with. My favourite by far being The Sound Of Tomorrow off their first EP :




The Blen remix is also very good, and so are a major part of the Hitecherous EP.

Maybe this'll decide me to go and buy this album.


Warp you wallet rapers.

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Some fresh news ! You can now "for a limited time" listen to the album in its entirety on the Africa Hitech website and download the track "Glangslap" by subscribing to their mailing list. You can also listen to it directly on warp record's soundcloud.


I listened to a few tracks off the album and was a bit disappointed...I loved the album sampler but the album seems a bit meh. "Our Luv" is wonderful tho ! I'll give the album another proper listen later in the week.

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