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80's music

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Guest MortstoX

Some of my favs (pretty safe list, I know):


Joy Division-Closer

Cocteau Twins-Head over heels/Treasure

Peter Gabriel-St/So

The Cure-Pornography

David Bowie-Scary Monsters/Let´s Dance

Bruce Springsteen-The River/Nebraska

Dire Straits-Making Movies

Talking Heads-Remain in light/Speaking in tounges/Stop making sense

R.E.M.-Everything(!) they made in the 80s

U2-The Joshua tree

The Smiths-The queen is dead/Strangeways

Run DMC-St

Dinosaur Jr-You´re living all over me

Sonic Youth-Daydream Nation

Pixies-Surfer Rosa/Doolittle

NWA-Straight Outta Compton

Public Enemy-It takes a million

De La Soul-3 feet high


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Guest Araungzeb

Well, to begin with my favorite song of all time was written in the 80s:



And one of the most influential/oftenly sampled songs of all time:



And a few other great ones:




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The ususal suspects:


Slayer, Pixies, Butthole Surfers, Minor Threat, Boogie Down Productions, Stone Roses, Sonic Youth, New Order, Public Image Ltd, Cure and of course Duran Duran.


If you like Punk, I have a few friends who would write an essay on the subject. Loads of good metal (no glam bollocks) too.

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The Germs - good for a laugh...trivia time: Belinda Carlisle was in the Germs for a short time.



One of my favorite songs by one of favorite bands (Canadian too!)


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I don't know why but I seem to have a real soft spot for cheesy uplifting 80's anthems after I've had far too much coke! :yeah:











Don't let me anywhere near youtube at messy after parties I say. :whistling:

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