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A mix I did for lithuanian radio

Guest Adam

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1. Leila - Little Acorns

2. Boxcutter - Moon Pupils

3. Nathan Fake - Castle Rising

4. Clark - Re-Scar Kiln

5. Tipper - Snake Eyes

6. Jackson and His Computer Band - TV Dogs

7. Kelpe - Shipwreck Glue

8. Lapalux - Time Spike Jamz

9. Amon Tobin- Lost & Found

10. Jon Hopkins - Insides

11. Adam Beker - No

12. Beans - Hunter

13. Noisia - Leakage

14. Eprom - Pipe Dream

15. ediT - Certified Air Raid Material

16. Boreta - Bubblin' In The Cut

17. Loops Haunt - Impact Omnihammer

18. Kuedo - Take Off Remix

19. Lorn - Cherry Moon

20. Massive Attack - Redlight (Clark Remix)

21. Adam Beker - Wheat

22. Bibio - Take Off Your Skirt


Some guys from StartFM asked me to make a mix of my favorite tracks so here it is.Mixed quickly in FL Studio. Feel free to download and comment as this is the first mix I've ever done and don't know if it's allright. Cheers!


Oh, well. Here's the link.



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Hold on! They are allowed to listen to radio in the USSR?


Tracklist looks amazing, almost like one of mine (although I would have more juke and "ghetto" stuff included). Will listen to later!

Thanks! there's nothing really underground or unknown in this mix except me lol. Just my favorite "dance" tracks.

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(although I would have more juke and "ghetto" stuff included)




'cause I fuckin' like it :emotawesomepm9: although i'm playing stuff I would have hated one year ago or would even hate when i'm out dancing. but it's fun to mix it and to feel like a mighty ghetto-pimp with full control and tons of cocaine in his pockets :spiteful:

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