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Best Aphex Twin songs?


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Guest Rabid

Don't usually post on these subjects but I would like to mention To Cure a Weakling Child (Contour Regard) off Come to Daddy Ep. As this track is easily one of my tip-top-tastic Aphex tracks but never seems to get mentioned.


I agree with this. I also really like Corn Mouth and Mookid, even though they're hardly ever mentioned.

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Sci-Fi Staircase (Tahnaiya Russell Remix)

Pac-Man (Heavy Mental Mix)

Afx237 V.7 (W19RHBasement Remix)

Aphex Airlines


Perc # 6


Analogue Bubblebath 3 (the track, not the album)

My Teapot



Ziggomatic v17

Mt Saint Michel Mix + Saint Michael's mount

54 Cymru Beats (Argonaut Mix)

Cock 10 (Delco Freedom Mix)

CAT 002

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Guest Frankie5fingers

wow, i went through this thread several times and no one said IZ-US. i love that song. though i do like what Marf said. they all are pretty damn good.

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Some of his best that I don't think have been been mentioned in this thread yet are Falling Free, Tree, Matchsticks, Hedphelym, Icct Hedral and SOSW untitled.

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