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Autechre's bonus tracks for Japan


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so i saw this topic about confield this morning and i wondered: can we list all the japanese bonus tracks autechre has made?


i don't know exactly how many there were, but i know there was one on confield called 'MCR Quarter (Recorded Live At Band On The Wall, Manchester 1998)' and there is one on exai called 'keyosc'. untilted had 'Zurich 2001'. quaristice had 'nu-Nr6d' (do you like it, because i cant find it anywhere on the internets?). oversteps had 'Xektses sql' (which i also cant find on the internet; how is it?).

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the one on move of ten is probably the only one i remember liking.

thanks, never heard of it! here's a youtube video



Holy Shit! The beginning of ClnChr is almost identical to the end of Cipater (off of Chiastic). Depressing self-plagiarism...do not want.

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