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How Has The WATMM Influenced Your Musical Choices?


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I was just some cunt with a torrented copy of the Aphex discography before this site. Now I stay inside all the time and feel overwhelmed by the amount of music available to me.


Dude, I uh..."found" a lot mine from this now defunct Russian site. You could literally just aquire .flac copies of just about all of RDJs catalog. That was like back in 2006-2007 for me. I started checking out xltronic and watmm and found myself mostly coming back here. So I can relate.



I've found out about VHS Head, Machinedrum, along with a lot of other non-braindance artists. I even think I really started listening to John Fahey through this forum, which is a far cry from electronic music. Fairly diverse recs 'round these parts.


icbf reading all of this thread but this is the biggest thing WATMM's got going for it imo. the fact that many people here have great, diverse tastes and aren't afraid to discuss non-idm music and start non-idm threads, in addition to your usual idm business. this is what makes WATMM better than many other music forums. if we weren't able to discuss 100 different varieties of rock, metal, hiphop, jazz, electronic music, and even pop (which pretty much has no place in my heart but is still welcome here) all within easy reach of each other like we do here, then WATMM would lose a huge amount of its appeal. I'd probably quit, even though there's folks on here who make me laugh like every damn time.


*launches icbf missiles*



Ditto. I actually feel like it's more diverse than when I first lurked here, and back then I seemed more susceptible to being swayed to certain opinions. Likewise, there was a point when I was on turntable.fm a lot, and in certain rooms I'd find myself starting to listen to stuff I really didn't like that much! Fucking peer pressure.


Now I feel like I can get a healthy array of opinions and citation of all sorts of genres and artists. I can also find people who share niche interests (such as tape labels.) WATMM, balanced with a few other sources and some recommendations from friends of mine, has my bases covered.

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Guest skibby

i came here because of google, and then i stayed so far cause its the nearest thing to a support group that i have for my musical interests.

i have learned some stuff about musicians that i've heard of before. watmm has been like sort of a home base during my late in life lessons in edm.


said support group lends itself to the forming of neural networks i suppose.

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The only thing I remember listening to that I liked because of here was Joanna Newsom. Most others I've already heard of and liked or disliked before they were mentioned.

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Guest zaphod

it doesn't. i try to avoid a lot of what's recommended here because it's either trendy or garbage, or both. i'm also completely uninterested in idm and the featured artists. i wasn't this way nine years ago when i joined, but things have changed. i just don't care about most of this music anymore.

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Guest Ron Manager

greatly. I've been checking watmm out for a decade now, so I've picked up loads of recommendations and great tips, many of which aren't even idm. for instance, I'd never listened to unwound until about a year or two ago, but then some chat on here encouraged me to look into them, and now :wub: ...one of my most-listened-to acts since.

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When I first joined, I just wanted to read other people's thoughts on obscure electronic music, but now the New Releases section pretty much dictates all my musical purchases.


I also enjoy the specualtion threads

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