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Looking for artists like Venetian Snares

Jody Dark

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like theres such a thing, but im looking for other music out there with beats of this "quality" and complexity, or what have you. i personally find him to be really talented, but i want another artists like this in my life pretty bad




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DATACHI - Mmale/ Female

Exile - pro agonist

Otto Von Schirach - Spine serpents of Sperm island

Phthalocyanine - No one said you didn't


and a Shitmat album


no problem, glad to help! just send a thankyou note and some money to my adress

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Actually I think you might be better off listening to something different to Venetian Snares than trying to find something similar - check out Throbbing Gristle, Hair Stylistics and the Dry Lungs compilations

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