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Music Video for my track WITH HOLSTERS - Phyla Zen (IDM/drumfunk)


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Hey whats up WATMM! I have for you today a pretty kewl music video for my song With Holsters that some of you may know as "Where's Your Ear." I did a little altering and decided to release it as a "single" on band camp. Can be found at phylazen.bandcamp.com


Anyway, this is my first experiment with creating visuals and I'm pretty happy with it to be honest. All of the spectrogram views are from renoise and the footage was ripped from youtube. The imagery in this essentially represents what I'm all about when it comes to music and that is Zen in the chaos. If you are into PHAT beats and cool videos, you will love it. Anyway, here it is. Enjoy! <3



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nice work man, break work is great. pretty cool mash of a few artists on first listen. clean production too


i appreciate that! i don't know, i just enjoy lots of different variants of electronic music and like to combine different styles. thanks for the kind words my friend.

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Oh man! This is brilliant! It's really hitting me along with the pills I took an hour or two ago.

I'm following you on soundcloud now.

Nice work!

u trippin mayne


i appreciate the kind words bruv



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That's beautiful, is it in 7/2 I guess? Video is fun too, really enjoyed the split-screen spectrogram stuff at the start

It's mostly 7/4 but i think i added/subtracted parts of bars randomly throughout the song.


glad you like it!



yea chill breaks, cozy synths, nice




Wow nice ambience,slick breaks.Lovely track.

heres a little secret: i drizzled some vaseline over that break before i laid it down, that should explain the slickness

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