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video for watching while listening to music

may be rude

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nature footage, silent films, animation, anything you can turn off the volume to and watch while listening to music to satiate your adhd


currently watching the series "wildest indo-china," earlier i was watching the classic silent film "metropolis." both of these are currently on nf instant in the us.


microcosmos is filled with amazing footage of insects and stuff like that, it's on nf instant.


obviously the series life and earth both have amazing footage of nature

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On Netflix there are a few 'moving images' films, basically time tapses of moving sand dunes, flowers etc. Really pretty.


I've muted Only God Forgives whilst drinking with friends and listening to music. Tree Of Life would be good too. Basically highly stylized films with little dialogue and slow pacing generally work well.

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Baraka and its sequel, and the ones that came before, Koyanisquatsi or however its spelt, but then you'll miss out on Philip Glass. Werner Herzog's Lessons of Darkness is a favourite, he seems to have captured a little bit of Hell.



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You guys do realize that your head is a video camera, right? Have you ever watched the film right in front of your face?! Unless you put your face to the monitor or you wear those monitor goggles, watching a film is actually you viewing footage of how you watch a film. The TV/monitor frame and room is part of the film, but most forget that.


One thing I do with VLC is watch color films in b/w, in slow motion or double speed. Sometimes turn up motion blur. Or you can lay back with choonage, turn off lights, then put tissue paper over the TV/monitor playing back whatever in color. Alternately, a white ping pong ball cut in half and taped over the eyes works.

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