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Valentine's Day Brainstorming


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Hello fellow WATMMers.


OK, I hope I'm not the only one in that precarious situation : I still have almost no idea about what to offer to my girlfriend on Valentine's Day. So here's a topic where we can share ideas and hopefully find the perfect gifts for our beloved ones (c'mon, I can't be the only IDM nerd having difficulties when it comes down to find gift ideas :mu-ziq: ...).


The good point is that she doesn't want "serious" gifts, and she doesn't wear that much jewels.

I'm running out of ideas tho.

Help me watum pls :cry:

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Me and the missus don't celebrate really, but we might make a nice dinner and spend the night together or whatever. Have you considered giving her something that's an "experience" rather than "stuff"?


Take her on an unusual date (science center, something artsy, hot springs, dog sledding...). Give her a day to remember!

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Etsy is a life saver, type in one of her interests and I guarantee someone has made either a cushion or candle about it.


Etsy looks amazing indeed ! Only problem is the 2-3 weeks of waiting before receiving the order :catcry:


StephG : well the restaurant is indeed planned but I felt like it would've been cool for her to also get some stuff (ha ha sexual). Plus I don't live in a that large city offering some original dates possibilities :shrug: I could take her to a classical concert I guess but I'm afraid it's just not her type !


Anyway thank you both for the ideas !

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soundcloud dump zip


Haha !!! "But...He won a Grammy Award, sweety !!!"



go down on her until she's completely done in, make her a delicious meal and you're good to go

Basically this



Yeah I guess that would have been part of the plan anyway !

She just told me that the gift she found was "dumb" so I guess I can be a little less worried !

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