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Isn't this considered stealing (from afx)?


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I'm sure some of you have heard these tracks. The 3 tracks from the Death Note OST. They're WAYYY too alike to their corresponding aphex tracks to be considered having been 'inspired by'. To me it's straight up theft.

The nannou copy has 1.7 million hits...

I've googled it, and can't find any credit given to aphex or anything. No mention of it being a remix, or a reimagining, or a re-do, or a re-anything. It's as if the guy took the midi from the original tracks, maybe transposed a few notes, or the scale, then changed the patch for the instruments, then called it his.

I'm not 100% sure if credit wasn't given to aphex SOMEWHERE. I've googled it, and it only seems the occasional youtube commenter says anything about it being similar to an aphex track. Except it's not similar, they're basically copies  :cerious: 


^^^ On who sampled, it says that aphex was sampled at  :12... but uh... what about.. that melody that starts at...oh I don't know... 0:00 and runs throughout. Wasn't that melody stolen 'sampled'?

This is honestly just me wondering how legal this really is. IS it totally within the guys rights to do this, if Aphex was so inclined, could he sue him? I consider it stealing, but does everyone else? Am I missing something? Or is this really totally ok?

In the comments, it looks like almost no one is aware the tracks are originally Aphex tracks. To them, they're just really good tracks by the composer. It's disappointing in a way. They think they'll get more of that goodness from the OST composer, when really if they want more, they should be listening to good ol' Aphex.
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Yeah, lazy is a good way to put it. It's still too nice considering they're stolen. It's BS and shouldn't be tolerated. At least slap a 'remix' in the track title. I mean, that's what they are... right?

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Man these are brutal, like how did they even get away with this?

I guess... Aphex never sued. Has he ever sued anyone over music? It sounds like he just let Kanye take Avril too :\. He's too nice maybe. Or maybe he doesn't care all that much. He might view it differently than "they're taking my stuff and saying it's theirs"


It happens to him a lot doesn't it? He might seem like an underground artists to bigger artists, and some of them think they can get away with stealing from a "smaller" artist.





Stealing from one of electronic music's most recognizable artists and thinking that you wouldn't be caught is a bit stupid

Well... he definitely got away with it. The show came out 10 years ago or so.





I would be right pissed if I were Rich but I'm not him, so I guess I have to settle for being annoyed (like I was when I played SAW1 at work and somebody asked if it was Die Antwoord) 

Yup. I'm annoyed that something like this can happen. I remember watching the show a few years back, when I was only a little familiar with  ol aphex, and I was like: why is this music so familiar?


I don't really like Ugly Boy. Also, everytime I hear heliospan I now hear "ooo I love my ugly boy, so rough and tough... etc".  :sad: 


At least they asked, however. And are friends with the guy. I wonder if the death note composer asked. This is just too blatant.

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You mean aegispolis tho

lol yeah. I've been listening to Heliospan a lot lately. Even with a few notes switched around, there's no denying that it's a copy. He didn't even bother having the notes play in a different rhythm for two of the tracks. They even sound like they're the same speed.





Publishers are probably not as forgiving as some artists. 

yeah it just depends on the temperament of either the publisher or the artist. Honestly Aphex and Warp are pretty forgiving. You never hear about lawsuits coming from them or toward. That's a real cool stance.


Still, that nannou copy got 1.7 million hits on youtube, and occupies the audio frequencies of one of the most popular anime. And the majority of the commentators think the OST is an original idea and praise the composer for it. I view it as morally wrong to pull what he did. A 'dick move' is an understatement. But not only did he get away with it, he essentially save face'd.


It still feels like afx got stepped on, is what annoys me. Seems like a good way to take advantage of artists and publishers with a good rep like that.



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Since it's totally ok, when I become a rich and famous anime composer, I'll just take tracks made by you watmmites and call them mine. I hope that's cool with you guys. You can't do anything about it anyway.

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Rich's snare rushes are actually just sped up samples of him saying all of Warp's copyright fine print details so he's got a case if he ever wants to press charges

Best watmm quote in quite a while

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There's an interesting conversation in this somewhere taking in everything from John Oswald's Audio Piracy as a compositional Prerogative to intellectual property rights in the garment industry but it's not going to happen on watmm. lol. Give our (ana)lord his monies!!

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Guys, I'm kidding. This thread isn't meant to be taken seriously. All that lawsuit talk. I'm just messing around.

 I thought it was obvious from the OP. But I guess not. MY BAD.

I posted the tracks because I find them amusing, and I thought that some other people on WATMM might too. I'm sorry "Friendly" Foil that the thread doesn't cater well to you....



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So you're saying a dick would serve him better?



This thread is confusing in a non-arousing way. Although I should admit a dick triggered triggered me to respond :S

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