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Guerilla Toss - GT Ultra / Jay Glass Dubs vs Guerilla Toss


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One of my favorite albums this year, Orange Milk alum and now signed to DFA Records, this Boston band is underrated as hell imo compared to some other indie acts. Really great songwriting, lyrics and weird but catchy tunes. You can tell they've evolved/matured a lot as a band without compromising on their avant-garde and experimental minded ethos.




They also put out a dub version by Jay Glass Dubs, a producer who take old school classic dub techniques but with newer equipment and music. Kind of similar to Ekoplekz.




Jay Glass Dubs Versus Guerilla Toss



Really neat remix album - reminds of the Massive Attack versus Mad Professor classic. This is even more deconstructed and injected with original rhythms and sequencing though imo.

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Y'all need to give this a spin. It's some of the most original and fun indie rock / underground rock out there. 


I fucking love this band. They're like the closest spiritual successor to B-52s and DEVO out there, i.e. post-punk and new wave that's sardonic, edgy, fun but musically amazing and devoid of the pitfalls of being to pretentious or too gimmicky. They're quite the blender of music styles at this point - lots of wackiness I'd imagine hearing on a Zappa or Ween album but without getting too out there. They also occupy the same territory as Jon Maus, Ariel Pink, James Ferraro, or Dead Blunt: this vague, surreal poppy sound that's both familiar as hell and strange as fuck. But even then Guerilla Toss has this edge of focus and structure to it, not to mention Kassie's solid vocals, that set them apart.

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Reminds me of a more hyperactive Fiery Furnaces (who I used to listen to all the time back in my college days) + more acid. Really enjoying this.


I need to revisit that band - they always popped up on the periphery of my indie radar but I never really listened to them


Has anyone heard the new Jay Glass Dubs album?  Good shit right there.


I dug it, more heavy on the Basic Channel dub techno vibes compared to his earlier releases. 

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