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:zoviet*france: Appreciation thread


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Yeah he emailed me back saying the single record requests will go live in 10 weeks. He's not taking pre-pre orders for the separate albums yet. Yeah, same, just don't have the cash for the set otherwise I would in an instant.

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On 5/18/2019 at 1:18 AM, cichlisuite said:

this is incredibly tempting. hopefully there will be post '87 stuff as well

asked VOD's boss on facebook and sadly : "no plans to do so"


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This seems to have been a pretty monumental undertaking on VOD's part, which from what I can tell is a one-man-army. This is well documented on their facebook. While there isn't any plan right now, I have a feeling this will be a pretty lucrative effort for the label and maybe they'll take up reissuing the rest of the discography in the not too distant future. There are some incredible gems from '88 onwards that could use 180gm treatment.  

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What Frank does is indeed simply incredible and he puts efforts, sweat, blood and tears into his releases. He is dedicated to the music and his choice of pressing plants, high quality mastering and lavishly done boxes shows that he does not do things cheaply.

As for later ZF I am very sure he won't release anything- I asked him as well and he told me openly he don't like some of the stuff from that period. As for now his next challenge is the COME ORG boxset and he also announced a vinyl box treatment for Vanity Records (aye, the cult label). 

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1 hour ago, danshoebridge said:
18 hours ago, MIXL2 said:
preorders for standalones now available, b quick!

Any recommendations for one unmissable ZF album? Been meaning to give their discography a go and tempted to pick one of these up.

listen earlier to this thread n see what you like.. personally i rlly like loh land and popular soviet songs atm.

I don't have a record player tho sadly xD

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Respect all round to Vod for this reissue programme. As a fellow member unable to spaff 250 bones on the full box, really happy to get the chance to buy the individuals. (Especially as im not too keen on the first few records.) Got Misfits, Assault, Flock and Gesture. Already got a few other releases on cd but pretty sad to learn there are no plans to do the next few records as well. Maybe the success of this would spur on some other label to offer Ponton and Storey et al big $$$ to repress more. Thats a long shot but anyway thx 2 VOD for this awesome release.

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On 10/3/2019 at 3:30 PM, Polytrix said:

Yes I was jus about to say.

Can we not just make rips for each other and then contribute the money back to ZF as a form of donation.

I missed out on all this and I'm gutted.

I picked up a few from here recently...


postage was pretty reasonable...to the UK anyway.

Spent the last week down a Zoviet France rabbit hole after first picking up Mohnomishe.  Assault and Mirage and Eostre also sounding amazing (can't really get my head round Loh Land though.)

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all ye naysayers repent cuz its a happenin!  


It's because I just received Green Light from All Artists involved for a
Z O V I E T F R A N C E "Châsse Volume 2" 15 Lp Box

VOD 163: ZOVIET FRANCE 'Châsse Vol.2' - Recordings 1984-1996 15Lp-Wooden Box with Shirt (ltd. 400 plus 99 artists-editions in colored Vinyl plus 8 x Stand Alone Releases (ltd. 200 each)

Lp1/2: Shouting at the Ground 2Lp (1988)
Lp3/4: Just an Illusion 2Lp (1990)
Lp5/6: Look Into Me 2lp (1990)
Lp7: Vienna 1990 1Lp (1990)
Lp8/9: Shadow, Thief of the Sun (1991)
Lp10/11: What is Not True 1Lp (1993)
Lp12/13: Collusion Vol.1 2Lp (1984-1991)
Lp14/15: Collusion Vol.2 2Lp (1992-1996)


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Further updates. Coming in the second half of May this year.


To All Zoviet France Fans waiting for "Châsse" Box 2

I am sorry to inform you but the Box is now
increased to 17 Lps!

So you need to save some more dough for Summer and I guess I need to start going to a Gym to be prepared with the weight
If you don't have the money, no worry, we will also most likely offer 300 of the 10 Stand-Alone Releases in the box

Lp1: Music for a Spaghetti Western (1986)
Lp2/3: Shouting at the Ground 2Lp (1988)
Lp4/5: Just an Illusion 2Lp (1990)
LP6: Russian Heterodoxical Songs (1990)
Lp7/8: Look Into Me 2lp (1990)
Lp9/10: Shadow, Thief of the Sun (1991)
Lp11/12: Collusion Vol.1 2Lp (1984-1991)
Lp13: Vienna (1990)
Lp14/15: What is Not True 1Lp (1993)
Lp16/17: Further Collusion 2Lp (1992-1996)


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