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Brian Leeds (huerco s.)


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that video is a trip, always gets me ?

i also find myself randomly thinking about this comment someone posted on discogs - which 47 people found 'Helpful'


I was on an Ayahuasca trip this one time and it was pretty bad except for the 7 minutes I manged to sneak under my sheets and listen to B1 on my ipod on before the shaman confiscated it from me omg that was so great


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I'm probably due for a few weeks of binge listening to all his aliases. He's one of the few artists that can take over my listening in that way (along with the 'chre bros and the pender street steppers and a few others)

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Great sounds. From what I can recall he stands apart from his peers... just has a real deep sense of what works, the comparison to 'chre seems apt, he has his own sonic unive rse

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On 6/22/2020 at 5:30 PM, sheatheman said:

Man I’m so glad Liam’s vid is still on YT





This was so good...the combination of EDM sheeple festivals with amazing Huerco track, sigh....

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48 minutes ago, purlieu said:

The Pendant album, the Loidis EP and one compilation track as Autobouncer620 are all he's released in five years. Where you at Brian?

byron, pls

in addition to the stuff you mentiond, he's been running west mineral label, appeared on a few group releases (ghostride the drift and critical amnesia, neither of which i was a huge fan of), and done some dj/live events (had a sick set for a c- virtual party thing earlier this year).  so he's been consistently active. i would assume more releases are on the way

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