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  1. That new season of Reboot is looking fly.
  2. Dead Shark Eyes in lossless!!!
  3. I built a two-meter-long lamprey plaster model for a primary school exhibit. It stayed in the family for way too long after that.
  4. Lessons learned this week: if you’re caring for a dying friend who happen to be well known, prepare a press release beforehand, not while journalists are calling up when you haven't had the time yet to contact close ones, nevermind grieve or sleep in three days.
  5. Some stuff that helped out and hasn't been mentioned yet: Aaron Diloway & Lucrecia Dalt — Lucy & Aaron Aidan Girt (1-Speed Bike)'s series of monthly EPs. Sam Gendel — Fresh Bread
  6. https://seefeel.bandcamp.com/track/rapture-to-rupt bleep.com/release/257438-seefeel-rapture-to-rupt
  7. Moebius only did design work on Les maîtres du temps tho, not Fantastic Planet (that's upon drawings by Roland Topor) or Gandahar (that's Philippe Caza).
  8. I know this won’t be a popular opinion here, but I don’t care much about this (and Girl/Boy EP, which for many of us was combined into the same release). Unlike the absolute excitement palpable in the inventions of Hangable Auto Bulb, or the tightness and punchyness of later tracker stuff, it sounds splattered and thin to me. Something doesn’t gel. It should be a sweet spot, but instead it just feels like a transitional phase — that happened to hit it big.
  9. A third preview track added: Vol. 3 by Topdown Dialectic
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