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  1. A third preview track added: Vol. 3 by Topdown Dialectic
  2. These are genuinely fantastic. That Torment logo!
  3. A pleasant surprise comeback indeed. I remember reading a few months ago how fed up he was with "ambient", I wonder if that interview prompted him to dig out old sessions? (Nah, the turnaround times for vinyl would mean this was in the works way before.) Along with the Topdown Dialectic, this September is shaping up pretty, pretty good.
  4. Huh. If I’m not mistaken, I was at the second protest in the video, being charged.
  5. Childhood me was told that this was real music, which explains so much. (Pershaps I was also lied about those «vegetables» growing under the lights in the basement?)
  6. Anticlines is probably a good starting point.
  7. Meant to start a thread about this one! Those two are a great match; they have a way to wedge sounds open (in Dalt’s case, it’s something very mineral, like splitting a magnetic geode, while Dilloway’s more about diving in a rotten tree trunk to dig out nesting bugs. And getting pulled in). Fantastic covert art too.
  8. Am I the only one who think the addition of those ranks and badges isn't a good idea?
  9. aencre


    As a general rule, I am against cars.
  10. Just shooed away a dude that was flying a drone by our windows.
  11. Thread belatedly delivers!
  12. Was informed that there was a debate on a prominent comics criticism website on whether I was dead. I’m not exactly sure what to do with this information.
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