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  1. Had a £10 eBay voucher for some reason so went looking for cheap nonsense, found one of these and bit the bullet, with the voucher the total cost comes to a princely eight quid: Looks like an absolute flaming trash pile of a 'verb, can't find any demos, looking forward to seeing just how awful it really is
  2. 'Settling the rocking back and forth/swaying side to side question' for Most IDM 2019, please
  3. Dunno if it's too old-school/classic for this thread but the new Priest album is excellent, just perfectly executed NWOBHM gear: Hope no-one's already recommended this, apologies if so
  4. I'd love to get over for that, looks class. Got massive respect for Philip Pullman, read HDM at a formative age and it blew me away, superlative.
  5. Having to sell of lots of gear due to bit of a shift in financial circumstances, I'm parting ways with my 570 if any UK watmmers are interested. Would love to see it go to a good home: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Yamaha-PSS-570-Vintage-Digital-Synthesizer-with-Hard-Case/192628015954?hash=item2cd9864352:g:qwMAAOSwyeJbdAla
  6. Yeah, Dublin's a great city but will rinse your bank account pretty sharpish, wouldn't recommend as a bargain option
  7. Used to work in a bar for quite a while and hen dos are comfortably my least favourite demographic of humanity
  8. what?yea man did u not hear aphex has also got a tank and a blimp and a puma fursuit Lol "The Aphex Twin announces new album" *picture of tank and/or windowlicker thumbnail*
  9. My studio's the attic room of my flat and it's one of those freezing-in-the-winter and sweltering-in-the-summer jobs. It's fucking roasting at the moment, actually had to buy a fan, something I never thought I'd have to do in Ireland. Today's the first day in a long while when the temperature's actually dropped and we're back to familiar pishy rain. Don't know how you guys hack the heat in the states. I have a few bits of kit for sale in a Gear Box thread that might be of interest to heads here by the way; Kawai XS-1, Boss DS330 and Korg DDD5 (sorry mods if this is spammy and/or frowned upon but I thought it might be of legit interest to people ITT and wanted to whack things up here before putting them on eBay for the general hordes).
  10. And last but not least, the Korg DDD5, a punchy '80s drummo with some classic '80s claps, can pump out some nice kicks too with a touch of compression. Capable of some very classic-era Depeche Mode stuff. No manual with this as I didn't get one when I bought it; comes with a crappy DC power supply that does what you want it to. As you can see from the photos, one line of pixels on the LCD screen has died but it doesn't interfere with reading the info onscreen. £90 and free delivery in UK: https://imgur.com/0Lfute3 https://imgur.com/pWWFYGU https://imgur.com/Y4qIpQ9 https://imgur.com/3JXqnUH https://imgur.com/0jqIL00 https://imgur.com/nImhTtv https://imgur.com/0pTr2Mz https://imgur.com/pAKV7i8 https://imgur.com/J6L3DRb https://imgur.com/6FGZl7Y https://imgur.com/dP58Vts https://imgur.com/408ZG1O https://imgur.com/972g8OA Any queries just let me know! If you're outside the UK get in touch and I'm sure we can arrange something with delivery :)
  11. Next up: a Boss DR-Synth DS-330 with power supply and manual. Fun and accessible little MIDI boi from the early '90s; capable of some nicely vaporwavey pads if that's your bag. £60 and free delivery in UK, again pictured below: https://imgur.com/pRnhycT https://imgur.com/UlzrII8 https://imgur.com/eBWInID https://imgur.com/chCJxL3 https://imgur.com/ppFlbPz https://imgur.com/C7F8Gpv
  12. Ayup folks, I'm doing a spot of downsizing and letting go of a few bits of kit that I've gripped off eBay over the last couple of years. Everything's in fine working order. Kawai XS1, not the most user-friendly interface in the world but capable of great things in the right hands, as demonstrated here by the mighty Ignacio Marty: Comes with manual but no power supply; any 12V DC charger will do the job. There's an IDM sticker on top, for maximum vibes. £70 and free delivery in the UK; pictured below: https://imgur.com/10bNRna https://imgur.com/cJt5SYd https://imgur.com/4wJLyci https://imgur.com/vlU5iM0 https://imgur.com/CF0SulT https://imgur.com/vItFFFK https://imgur.com/7hdylF9 https://imgur.com/fM9m6H3 https://imgur.com/bKnbeZF https://imgur.com/xITg4zF
  13. If any UK watmmers are interested in an Arizer Air, I'm selling mine; £130, in nearly-new condition with the original stems, case, charger, scraper, etc. I'm sad to part with it because it's a lovely bit of kit but I'm not really smoking at the moment so it's just sitting in my drawer and gathering dust and things are a bit tight financially; PM me if you're interested, happy to provide photos etc. Thought I'd post here before sticking it up on eBay ;)
  14. There's a whole bunch of early music ensembles that might scratch your itch, OP: Possibly also stuff like this: It's not mediscriptkiddy (actually fuck it, it might be for all I know) but Bulgarian close-harmony singing *adjusts glasses and tweed jacket* is totally ancient and otherworldly-sounding and might be up your street (skip to 14.08 to see what I mean): I went through a period a while ago of recording weird medieval-sounding stuff but it's definitely not authentic/legit (hasn't been mixed properly either, and couldn't resist throwing in a few cheesy manoeuvres): https://soundcloud.com/tanizaki_uk/sanctuary-serpent-prow-rough-mix Edit: that's supposed to read 'medieval' above, not 'mediscriptkiddy', watmm autoreplaces it with that for some reason (in that one instance only), bizarre
  15. Yeah, Bach's a bit later than medieval. I can't find a decent-sounding version but 'Sumer is icumen in' is fairly legit medieval music, 13thC or thereabouts: Lots of very beautiful choral music from this period (although there's a bit in Alan Partridge where he sings this and I can't hear it anymore without hearing him sing it): ^ That's not a good example but in the medieval period we start to see people really playing with polyphony and the possibilities of multiple voices moving against one another. Jumping ahead to the Reformation, Thomas Tallis made some really beautiful music. This was a fairly hectic time in England, and I remember reading somewhere (possibly in the comments of this video? can't remember) that there's a real elegaic quality in his work, a sense of loss for the passing of the Catholic church and the certainty provided by that worldview, in contrast with the various competing doctrines of Protestantism. Fucking sublime music whatever way you want to interpret it: And then a little bit later, on the late medieval/Renaissance borderline, we've got guys like Orlando Gibbons, court music for geezers in ruffs and hose: Haven't even scratched the surface of this stuff and I'm very ignorant about medieval music from non-Western cultures, unfortunately. Loads to explore...
  16. I lost out on a pair of Adam A3X monitors for under £200 on eBay, the last 10 seconds were a frenzy. Still a bit gutted about that one
  17. That's a shame, I'd love to hear The Watmm Shepherd speak Getting your heartfelt contribution excised from an AFX documentary for most IDM 2019
  18. Canada legalises: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2018/jun/20/canada-legalises-cannabis-senate-vote
  19. Massive fair fucks for compiling this, Auxien Would have thrown a vote Ragnar's way but didn't even see him amidst the richness :(
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