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  1. Rob Ae

    Ae Interview

    Fuck that hurt. A lot. man i would pay so much money for more AE. can we do a kickstarter to help autechre raise their family? How much would you guys be willing to pay for a copy of just one of the unreleased autechre live sets in soundboard quality from post-Untilted? Nice one. I'm in, with a minimum of 100 GBP / 150 USD Sam pls guys please, put back your wallets\\* ! \whatever you kids rock with these days, can't rem exactly what i said in that interview but sounds like it got fwd/rvs/translated really lazily, certainly didn't start moaning about not bei
  2. hey all yeah i should really bow out with my mAet. fully fully appreciate all yr kind words and…. nice to be having two way realtime not just lists, or pieces taken out of us.. sorry for any q' not dealt with (haha i don't want to see the first journo's face as they try to mine all this data u got this week). jasondonervan, mbe slow don on the googledoc ! no not serious. but besides the point. just a massive thank u the WATMM, joyrex. nice to meet u all too. rB)
  3. usually i use digital performer but if its something really simple like trimming starts and ends i'll use wave editor interesting, so you guys are still pretty die-hard about DP (digital performer)? I tried it a few times and never quite got into it but I know a few producers (one: bloodysnowman) who swears by it. What specifically about digital Performer especially in the context of AE's music sets it apart from other serious daws like Logic, Cubase or Protools ? they all have hard grids, i mean that u have to get around consciously. but DP was the first for us to have no s
  4. yeay, got in a cab with this awesome one, yeah he's been solid amazing since 84. one of my all-times
  5. you're more than welcome Rob! yea, I think the ae abbreviation is quite catchy and fitting =) okay so just a few more before bed, I'm really curious about (sorry if this have been asked/answered earlier somewhere) : - parhelic triangle, those eerie chimes, is that a sample from something, like some kind of bell instrument or something else? - in krib, is that screws or marbles droppin on the table or something else? just to give it another try, as it seems everyone is doing it: any chance of getting a name for my new kindle? (sorry, not into making music so I don't h
  6. sean if u go, wait till 808, kraftwerk would be proud. then u can go get some crashage pls
  7. yeah but u can hang out on a mountain with little else to worry about.
  8. steam mostlyi'm feeling fucked tonight tho i might have to bow out soon No Sean, don't go! Get Better! Sean, no! Sean! SEAAN! SEAAAAN! aw my ribs! not agaaaaaiiiiinnnn
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