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  1. Is this opn? That last Lorenzo Senni track ❤️
  2. smh everyone recorded that one but I just coulnd't find weak flylo shit
  3. Proper late but I finally got Persona 5 on sale and haven't stopped playing since
  4. Feck I woke up late. Missed Clark, why so early 0_o
  5. Which opn is this one? Is it the final show of tour? Would be nice to hear Moses Sumney singing Animals again
  6. Remind U is so pretty Land of honey sounds it's handpicked off UTQC Impossible not to feel like doing a split listening to Takashi
  7. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Aphex-Twin-windowlicker-umbrella-/123508906403?_ul=FR https://www.ebay.com/itm/Aphex-Twin-Collapse-Print-Limited-To-500-/233019153550?_ul=FR https://www.ebay.com/itm/1-x-APHEX-TWIN-DONKEY-RHUBARB-BEAR-1-OF-3-YELLOW-TOY-A-RETAIL-OPPORTUNITY-WARP-/123508966291?_ul=FR
  8. it's in stock in the bleep.com https://bleep.com/a-retail-opportunity just ordered.. ps. now in stock even in the Aphex store Got it, thanks for the heads-up! I just hope they'll let me combine all that stuff into one single shipping afterwards, this is getting a bit convoluted. As it is, shipping alone would cost me ~ one Bear, lol. This is written on the bleep print page - Limited edition of 500 A2 litho metallic print. 200 gsm. Supplied unframed, rolled in tube. Initial run available now. Restocks coming in 2019. Sign up for availability updates. Umbrella available on bleep but not microsite. Seriously blerp
  9. it's in stock in the bleep.com https://bleep.com/a-retail-opportunity just ordered.. ps. now in stock even in the Aphex store Just came here to say the same, I managed to nab one as well and shipping to the US Doesn't ship to France? But to us? What fuckery is this
  10. And those items online are for pre-order? Why on earth do you need more than 2 weeks gap to ship them? Bunch of jokers
  11. Apparently the orders went through. Dick move bleep
  12. Make the prints limited then leak the links few hours before official release. What a bunch of dicks surely those people at bleep.
  13. Still don't get why they're making only 500 of them. Fucking blerp
  14. Anyone kind enough to get me a print in Dalston?
  15. I want them all. Those donkey rhubarb bears would sit nicely next to my Nicolas Jaar's yo-yo I got on his last tour
  16. I might be nitpicking but I read somewhere it's actually fake hdr. Like nier automata on the xbox
  17. Just bought this too just to see how good the graphics can be. Waited a couple of weeks for Black Friday and turned out there are no deals for the Pro... I missed the whole generation of Playstation 4 and now starting to get back into games. Bought Bloodborne, Persona 5 and Nier Automata. Any other recommendation? Horizon Zero Dawn is my favorite. Here is a list of all my faves for the system: https://www.grouvee.com/user/onecaseman/shelves/182331-ps4-favorites/ I just bought a Switch with Zelda and Mario, and got Detroit: Become Human for $20. I also beat the first Shadow of the Tomb Raider DLC. will check that one out. I wanted to see how good 4K HDR looks like on the telly, it was between gow and hzd at first also got doom and wolfenstein 2 for €10 each ^_^ I have a switch as well but it's been gathering dust after I completed mario odyssey, botw and golf story good shout on yakuza 0, will get ps plus as well it's free this month
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