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  1. Got most of my warning points for uploading a fake autechre track
  2. The ban was a wrong decision in my opinion, if it's a perma ban. All this guy did was being a bit of a pain in the ass. So what? Only because you can ban people doesn't mean you have to all the time
  3. I like cwmbrancity. That man has passion
  4. But it's good to have a positive and realistic longterm perspective (I don't wanna say utopia) in order to develop future society. The thinking shouldn't be solely focused on problem solving, it should be focused on designing a future worth living. The left should stop only pointing out societal deficiencies, they need to create visions.
  5. death threats are pretty nasty. I understand that cwmbrancity is a bit salty
  6. With using FaceApp you give a Russian company lifelong rights to your image. They are allowed to do with it whatever they want, e.g. making Ads with your face without you getting a cent. In case of WATMM they'd probably use the pics for pornographic purposes
  7. I'm hyped we get another new unfiltered audio plugin, very good news!
  8. Why shouldn't we mess with it? Nothing wrong with a well designed brain computer interface. It would make things way more easy. In a way your brain is already communicating with computers, only the interface is shitty (hands, fingers, eyes). Of course every technology brings its downsides and dangers, we just gotta think hard on how to deal with those and make some rules.
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