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  1. I think Joyrex wants to steal our credit card data
  2. love those breaks. those little pauses are really well placed
  3. I do appreciate their success despite lack of major skills. They do it in a kind of smart way. Maybe what they do is best described as Intelligent Pop Music (IPM) hehe Same with System of a Down. Same shit (but different of course)
  4. Honestly I want the worst option beause I personally wouldn't use any option that often anyway. But I'd like to see all the people who use it have a worse experience with it
  5. Everything of this is garbage All the videos in this thread sound like the shit music every kebab store here plays all the time Eurovision Song Contest is for retards
  6. Hmmm if those plugins can be controlled by CC data then the Reaktor VST can control them. And if they can spit out CC data Reaktor can receive it and do with it whatever it wants and feed the result into other plugins. You can make if then statements in Reaktor. But don't ask me about Reaktor, I suck at it
  7. Well, I doubt that they stop messing with sound, even when they take a break. Would be nice to get a glimpse at what they're doing right now in form of a short focused EP
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