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  1. Just entered a night bus that's full of people taking up at least 2 seats for sleeping. I woke up a couple taking up a 4er seat. Now they have two seats and so do I. 😎
  2. Did you edit your post to add that wrong apostrophe?
  3. Happy Lunar New Year Folks And A Happy New Year
  4. Trefpunt was alright. Weed was above average, a bit pricey like everywhere in Rotterdam. And they offer coffee for but a euro and free sandwiches, at least they did when I was there 🤷‍♀️
  5. don't listen to this bloke, he is bonkers. always grab a döner when you have the chance: it's a reliable and 100% good way of getting all the valuable nutrition, proteins, vitamins and so on and so on. Don't hesitate, don't be afraid
  6. You think making lyrics for a song is a first world problem? You think people in the third world can't make lyrics or write songs? pretty racist tbh
  7. Yes. It makes him authentic and believable. Agree. But Warren's Republican past isn't exactly speaking for her. I wouldn't make anyone president who has been in a far right party now claiming they're socialists. I wish for a change in American foreign policy. Ya know, more of the good stuff they do in other countries and less of da bad stuff. And granting Americans access to services that are standard in Europe and Canada and elsewhere would be a good addition. I like most things Warren says but I do not trust her Sorry for election interference
  8. I love this guy's taste and his original music. seems he is a likeable person, too, judging from his text Get well soon
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