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  1. Thanks for the input! You definitely gave me an idea for a starting point for my next track. I agree about having to have a bit of distance to the track and give it a couple of days before you can judge it. This particular track was finished 10 minutes before I posted it lol. Probably turned out too weak in the bass and all of that
  2. Thanks for listening! Yeah, I usually gravitate towards a drier sound but had fun playing with the exaggerated reverbs here. Very glad u like it Thanks! Yes, it's a problem I yet have to overcome: I get caught up in sound design and forget to structure my tracks. If you listen to my latest stuff you will notice that most of it is very detailed and everchanging yet structurally flat with little arc of suspense. Somehow while I work at the track the progression seems to be there but is either too subtle to be audible on first few listens or it's only in my head lol
  3. Thanks guys! I might actually do that. It's a work in progress, I guess. Thought about making it a bit longer and adding more elements
  4. Most stoners I know are successful. I know a doctor and several law school graduates who smoke almost everyday. And a lot of people who have normal jobs and lives that use weed to relax. And I know people who haven't achieved much in life because they are depressive but don't smoke weed. You're basically describing the symptoms of depression, which is an illness where weed probably is the treatment not the cause. Those "losers" that you know who smoke weed everyday might be (consciously or unconsciously) self-medicating.
  5. The alternative to an elbow capitalism is a capitalism that's tamed by social politics.
  6. spl47 https://touched.bandcamp.com/track/spl47
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