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  1. Rotwang

    omg cipater

    Strong contender for favourite 'chre track.
  2. One of mine as well. Fun fact: the girl on the cover went on to play for the Arsenal women's under-21 football team.
  3. It's 2019. Women can have penises, get over it.
  4. https://osom-music.bandcamp.com/album/mindbenders-2
  5. Versions recently clicked for me in a big way. How great is The PlclCpC?
  6. This is great, thx Ren & Stimpy
  7. Just keep making music and it'll happen automatically after a while. But if you need a shortcut for whatever reason, try finding a piece of music or other sound with which you're very familiar that includes a certain waveform and associate the waveform with that. For example, if you're British and old, you may learn to recognise a square wave as the sound that a BBC Micro makes when it boots.
  8. I have nothing constructive to say, but your music is awesome.
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