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  1. Not sure they belong in a thread about movies that won't break your brain.
  2. Has anyone mentioned TRON or Krull yet?
  3. Another fan of generative techniques here, the track in my sig was all randomly generated.
  4. Have you tried playing one of them backwards?
  5. Jeez, now I feel a bit guilty for arguing about whether Autechre secretly write all their music in FLStudio as well.
  6. Great track. Personally I imagine I'd prefer it without the singing, the rest of it has its own identity but the vocal has strong Burial vibes. But then I don't much care for Burial so that's probably affecting my perception.
  7. This has a really nice chilled vibe to it. I find some of the percussion a bit confusing - the clicking noise that sounds a bit like vinyl static works well during the quiet passage that starts at the halfway point, but during the parts where the kick is present it seems to clash a bit with the other drum sounds and ends up sounding like clipping artifacts or something, if that makes sense?
  8. OK, I've reuploaded it with more bass. Hopefully an improvement.
  9. Interesting, thanks. I won't have access to my monitors this week but when I get a chance I'll see if I can figure out what's up with that and reupload if I can fix it. I didn't sum the low frequencies to mono like people often recommend - do you think that might help?
  10. The start of the track reminds me a bit of early Infected Mushroom, I like it. The high-pitched lead that starts at 1:25 could do with more timbral variation IMO, especially in the sections with no kick where it's carrying the track. Also I find the lead that starts at 2:23 a bit shrill. The bass with the huge filter sweeps that starts at 1:25 and again at 1:54 is my favourite part, I think it should be more prominent.
  11. Thanks for the feedback! I'm surprised to hear about the bass, I was worried that the track was too bassy if anything. Most of the bassline is concentrated in the low harmonics though so maybe it doesn't come through on headphones? I did try boosting the upper harmonics a bit when I was mixing but didn't like the result, should probably have tried harder. I did make the image, yes. Was done with Python. Listening to the video you posted now, it's cool.
  12. That would be a novel development in and of itself, I suppose.
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