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  1. This is great, thx Ren & Stimpy
  2. Just keep making music and it'll happen automatically after a while. But if you need a shortcut for whatever reason, try finding a piece of music or other sound with which you're very familiar that includes a certain waveform and associate the waveform with that. For example, if you're British and old, you may learn to recognise a square wave as the sound that a BBC Micro makes when it boots.
  3. I have nothing constructive to say, but your music is awesome.
  4. I've never understood the Tool hype. I'm a pseudo-intellectual stoner who hasn't had a girlfriend in years so it seems like Tool should be right up my street but every time I try listening it just sounds dreary and tedious. If I want pretentious prog metal I'll listen to Dream Theater instead, they're awesome. Any tracks you'd recommend to start with? I'm loathe to just type "Isis" into YouTube's search field for the obvious reason.
  5. Rotwang

    AE_STORE Is Live!

    Saw this thread being bumped and assumed it was just people antagonising AE35unit for yuks. So this is a pleasant surprise.
  6. Dunno about the Black. but I have the original Dragonfly to use instead of my laptop's onboard sound. It sounds great. My only complaint is that if the laptop is not plugged in, the Dragonfly goes to sleep after a short while if the laptop isn't making any sound, and takes about 6 seconds to start working again when I next try to play something. Not a problem if just listening to music but gets annoying when trying to produce. No idea whether that's an issue with the newer models.
  7. Rotwang

    Warp Tapes WAV

    chaers maet
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