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27 minutes ago, sweepstakes said:

Interesting that you have 3 Functions - do you just like having EOC/EOR and don't really use Maths mixer/logic?

Also that Brain Seed was really intriguing to me before I bought anything. I think if I wanted that facility now I'd just code it up in Crow.

the shapes the maths/function make are great. i love the attack range when in expo. various envelopes have different attack/decay shapes.  i really like function for its nice expo attack. great for so many things.. but being able to sweep from expo to Logarithmic is awesome for dialing things in. 

i had other stuff already that did offset and mixing etc so didn't get a maths.. but got functions when they came up super cheap used. great envelope. the hang function is great also. 

i've had the brainseed forever. gets used sometimes mostly for weird random stuff. 

i actually sold more thing since this pick was taken. 

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So here's where I'm at. I feel good about the system so far and I'm at a nice stopping point where I don't have the strong desire to get new modules yet. 

But I've been trying to plan out how to use my last 14HP. I feel like I have enough modulation modules and thinking of filling the rest of the case up with more audio processing modules. 

Any recommendations?DSC01126.thumb.jpg.cd11774ce31a0beda9fe40d288c0f07d.jpg

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