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Guest jdilisio

i had asthma pretty bad as a kid and i remember after taking a hit of ventolin getting kind of a rush like my heart was beating too fast and a ringing in my ears. it doesnt happen anymore. the way i figure it a full dose was probably a little much for my system at that age. 


anyways, this track really brings back a lot of old memories as do a lot of aphex songs. he seems to draw a lot of material from childhood sentiments.

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Guest nene multiple assgasms

I love ventolin. it's the track that drew me towards aphex twin (and electronic music in general) when I heard it on the mtv show "amp" late at night. I also saw a couple of other videos by him, such as on and donkey rhubarb, that inspired me to get the richard d. james album. but it was ventolin that stuck in my mind the most.

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