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i loled before i got the blind reference, i just thought it was a funny experimental concept of pretending you are a celebrity on twitter and typing random strings of letters. there should be a twitter page like this for every single celeb

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Guest SecondaryCell

dumb. if he can play piano he can type on a keyboard.

But he canNOT dodge a ball.

Yes... he can.


I worked at a studio in Nashville during the 90's and he came in for a project. We had a pool table in our lounge and he would play this game where he would hang his fingers over the edge of the bumper and someone would try to hit his fingers by whipping the cue ball as fast as they could across the table. No one could ever hit his fingers.


Dude got around fine, and was absolutely always noodling on a keyboard by his side. In between takes, while having a conversation with people, whatever... constantly noodling.

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This reminds me of a funny and embarrassing experience I once had.


I just read these two jokes:


1. Why can't Stevie Wonder read? Because he's black.


2. Why can't Helen Keller drive? Because she's a woman.


I thought they were funny. So I wanted to tell them to my dad. So I started off with the first one, and asked my dad "Why can't Stevie Wonder read?". My dad replied "I imagine he can." I was taken aback, and replied "But, he's blind." My dad replied "He probably reads braille." At this moment I felt like an idiot.


Thank you Joyrex, for reminding me of my past idiocy.

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