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do you love joanna newsom


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noanna jewsom


she somehow manages to sound like a child and an old woman simultaneously on ys.


I pictured her as a skinny, shrivelled, frizzy-haired waif because of her voice, until I actually sawpics of her. she is the definition of "luscious".


i saw her live. she performed ys from beginning to end with a three-piece band in this theatre. she fucking KILLED me.


not only that but she managed to fend off the multiple fanboi 'I LOVE YOUUUUU' attacks with remarkable poise and grace.

she is a class act. i cried. she made me cry.


she stopped between songs to apply superglue to her fingertips so she could continue er harping. i fell in love with her even more when she did that.


after ys she did bridges and balloons, cassiopaiea, and peach plum pear.




i genuinely think in ten or twenty years time joanna newsom will be remembered as one of the true talents of our generation. fuck the strokes, interpol, deadmau5, skrillex. this girl has talent coming out her fucking ears. and she's beautiful, as well.


show me a song by ANYONE as lyrically complex as emily and i'll withdraw half of this. but you fucking can't.




first time i saw her was at this standing non-seated noise-y venue (you could the sound of bottles being smashed about at the bar during songs). this was before Have one on me came out and majority of the set was new material at the time.

someone near the front fainted 4 minutes 30 seconds into In California, and she stopped the song to allow staff to help, and they started the song from scratch. = class act.


she then came back to melbourne a year later to play at this venue v v v

and the sound / set was totally perfect. short answer to question "do you love joanna newsom as much as rap?": yesss.



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Sorry guys but I'm in here strictly for that ass. Like in that Portlandia skit, holy f you could set your drink down on that thing and not spill a drop.


I'm sure she has some other qualities that I'll come to admire, but right now it's all about the badonkadonk, pow

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I'd quite happily happily marry JN, over listening to another rap record ever again. No contest.

are you kidding me

what if she sucks at cooking

are you kidding me


it's just rap music. it's not like we're asking him to give up electronic music or something.. lol


if she sucks at cooking i'd just cook instead.


All correct observations my friends.

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Joanna Newsom is my spirit animal. Her music can be challenging for many people, especially at first exposure. The more i listen though the more the magic of it revealed itself to me. I ended up catching 3 shows on her last tour and each one was stellar and unique. She is definitely in my all time top 5 alongside Ae, AFX, BoC and Death Grips.

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I know her voice is harsh on her early releases and can understand why it is a turn off for some. At this point i think her voice is incredibly soothing and gorgeous! It feels so sincere. The fact that i was listening to a lot of CocoRosie when i discovered Joanna might have made the vocals an easier transition though? I could go on and on about how beautiful she is physically too but i feel like her music completely transcends that :) After seeing her live 3 times i am completely smitten by her personality. If anyone is looking to give her a chance i think her newest record is a good place to start. 

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She definitely toned down her vocal style after the first album, she sounds quite a bit like Kate Bush now I think, still weird, but less crazy. Milk-Eyed Mender is still her best album though, probably like Divers the most after that.

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