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The life without caffeine topic inspired this.


What do you drink on a regular basis WATMM?


I used to want soda all the time. Diet always. But when I received a Bubba Keg that changed.



There it is.


I started drinking water filtered through Brita pitchers and whatnot. Tasteless, just how I like it.

I still get the occasional Diet Dr. Pepper from Speedway. Or soda X when I'm over at my dad's house.

Though Speedway cunt ass raised its price for soda from $.69 to $.89, which is the same price as Thorntons. :c

So I go there sometimes as well.


Energy drinks used to be a bit of a problem but I cut down. If I ever have them it's never more than once a week.

Full Throttle because it is tasty or cheapo brands like Rip It, which is also tasty.



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since stopping with the caffeine: rooibos tea with honey (only cause it was free, and then my sister had some she was happy to get rid of so i've continued with it), water, guava juice, i do enjoy the occasional glass of milk but romans said drinking milk was barbaric.. i kind of agree, i'd rather have some cheese or a milkshake but straight milk is easier.


just had the idea of getting some tomato juice.. yea that'll be good.

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i drink water, bottled water with out fluoride because im a tinfoil hatter conspiracist

i also drink green tea two cups a day and one cup of orange pekoe a day, with half a spoon of sugar and a ltitle bit of milk yum yum

also i drink milk with my dinner

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I drink litres of water. every day. lots of water.


other than that i partake in small amounts of juice. orange and five alive peach citrus mostly. if i'm feeling festive i drink some crystal light.


I also enjoy coffee and tea. I'll have a cup of coffee when i wake up and then use the rest as iced coffee. same with tea. generally earl grey or mint tea but any leftovers are poured over ice and enjoyed. as a diabetic i steer myself away from sugary drinks but i can't say no to orange juice. that shit wails.


also tomato and clamato juices are weekend favorites, alcoholic additives negated. tomato juice never tastes as good as it does on an airplane though.

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I like gin with this stuff:



Or just a gin & tonic. Or a martini if I'm feeling awesome.


Actually, I had a prosciutto martini on the weekend, amazing until it got way too salty at the end.

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tomato juice never tastes as good as it does on an airplane though.


I totally agree with this one.

I order TJ almost every time I fly. It's kinda like a drink and a snack in one!

I notice sometimes when I order TJ on a plane that several people around me haven't considered that as an option and then order it after me. Happens almost every time.

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Guest disparaissant

tea (usually lapsang souchong or black of some kind with spices) with honey and almond milk

diet dr pepper

occasionally sugar free red bull

orange juice


thats about it

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