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Guest disparaissant

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Guest disparaissant

anyone else love the shit out of italo disco?


ohhh those smoove sounds!


oh god i just get off on this stuff, and i don't even know why.


this was rereleased recently, wish i'd have tought to grab a copy


let's not forget the fantastic italo disco revival that seems to be going on. mostly from an imprint called "italians do it better." not a misnomer!


anyways, anyone got any italo disco favorites to share? i'd love to hear em. also please don't crucify me, tia.

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Guest disparaissant

The latest Glass Candy EP wasn't that great though.

agreed, but their good stuff far outweighs the bad.












man if i could choose a year to travel back in time to for the sole purpose of going out clubbing, it would be italy, 1983. coke, blush, and italo disco all night, oh yes.

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I was gonna rename the thread to what I thought was the correct spelling and have just realised I've been incorrectly referring to Italo Disco as 'Italio' Disco for about 3 years now. :facepalm:

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first video posted cybernetic love is awesome


the more electronic and sci-fi italo disco is, the better. lots of cool discovery in this thread

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