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01 Push Button Objects - Striffle

02 Quinoline Yellow - Ethyl Maltol

03 Liquitex - Droids

04 Quinoline Yellow - The Tractor Track

05 Push Button Objects - Missing

06 Freeform - Poundland

07 Bola - Untitled (Cobalt/Scope)

08 Jacobean - Untitled

09 Team Doyobi - Nomen Luni

10 Freeform - Untitled

11 Bola - Triangle Cake

12 Hakan Lidbo - Ashes To Ashes

13 Bola - Psilab Bobs Cabin

14 Geiom - Isene



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Well thanks! (assuming that expression is meaning something positive, we don't have it around here :wink: )


There's actually an 80 minute video projection thingy I made to accompany the mix at my party... but I'm not satisfied with the 2nd half yet, had to finish it in time for the event. I might upload it as a whole once I'm okay with it... although there's some kinda personal footage in there, it was mainly meant to be seen by my friends. Here's a little extract.



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good job, but needs more Gescom North Manc Beds, and Alder & Elius, and Wevie Stonder... and more cowbell :)


and less Bola .. hehe ;)



I enjoyed it, tho, and thanks for sharing.

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I agree, I had a couple of Gescom- and North Manc Beds-tracks and one Wevie Stonder track in there while it was in the making, but somehow I couldn't quite work them in. I'm not familiar with the entire Skam-catalogue, and I don't have a single release by Alder & Elius, I don't even know what they sound like... which is probably a mistake.


Maybe I'll make another one once I changed that. VHS Head is missing as well!

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The Push Button Objects tracks were released on Schematic, though :w00t:


And you play this music at your parties? Please, invite me next time! :music: Well mixed.


And reminds me how great Quinoline Yellow was in the beginning. Ethyl Maltol is one of the pre-Skam tracks I think. I found it on Napster in 2000 / 2001 when it was legal to share :diablo: I was completely hooked on it back then but didn't know that is Quinoline Yellow.


Cool one! Thanks for sharing!

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Whoops ... I thought the (indeed very good) Quinoline Yellow track was the only one that wasn't actually released on skam, so I could still get away with it... So THAT'S why they didn't have Dirty Dozen in the skamshop ... I've been wondering. I bought A Day In A Life there, but Dirty Dozen is a much better release.


Yeah I play almost exclusively my own mixes (and the Sparkle Motion ones) at my parties. But the truth is, my friend's aren't a bunch of music-geeks like myself, so it mostly doesn't get noticed. Yet I still go through the trouble of making a whole new mix + video every time, maybe I'm just creating my personal soundtrack to the parties, or maybe I'm secretly wishing for somebody to eventually come out one day and say "hey, that music of yours that wasn't Lady Gaga, what's it called, can I borrow the CD" or something. But it rarely ever happens. :wink:


Plus I usually have a kind of theme for the parties, like Halloween, or, in the case of this mix and a few before it, the Trolley Twister / Jet Pak (that carousel thing that I built and keep posting about)



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