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Team Doyobi Appreciation


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Who else loves these guys? I just recently really got into them. Currently I'm totally hooked on:

- Chouax Bomber

- Hipatropic Doyobi Drive in Freefall / Dinosaur Green Grass Revisited

- Thus Jacked Zarathrusta


List some of your favs.

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my favourite overall is probably df0:bad but side a of choose your own adventure is perfect.

Yeah of the releases I've heard I like DF0:BAD and Orch V best. Otherwise I've only heard Choose Your Own Adventure. Maybe I appreciate them more is smaller EP-size doses.

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everything they do is ace. i'm actually encouraged that when i went to insert their unreleased track from youtube "photon harvester" that it's been made private. on new album perhaps? great track. (and glad i ripped it before it was gone . . .)

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Td are awesome. i appreciate their stuff a lot. i would put Mr. Zero Charisma right up there with the Warp/IDM greats of all time.

they're bloody good at what they do. one of my fav bands/artists.

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Yes! I wondered if there was already a TD thread.

Chouax Bomber, Hipatropic Doyobi Drive In Freefall - Dinosaur Green Grass Revisited, and Skylight Red Omega are their top 3 tracks of their career I'd say.

I never really listened to them until 2011, after that Japan Benefit Relief comp came out. Their remix of Antennasia's Night Camel is also excellent.

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I have one of their albums in my library, I forget which one without looking, I really oughta give it more of a focused listen again... it's been a while, but I recall it being pretty good stuff

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Team Doyobi are one of my favs... got all their stuff on wax (except Fragments) and its all completely sick... i was hoping the new one would have been a bit more experimental but it was still good ...


did Fragments ever even come out on vinyl? I thought i had everything by them on wax too and when you posted this i ran to discogs and couldnt find that one on vinyl


in my mind Team Doyobi is way under-appreciated. They seemed to be more popular when Skam was more popular around the same time Bola and Jega were raved about (who to me are extremely inferior to the genius of Doyobi)

They are/were some of the only musicians bringing 16-bit chiptune aesthetics into a modern context, and i don't think anyone does bit crushing/dithering as awesomely as they have. IT never sounds generic or like a typical bit crusher filter. Tons of drums and sounds they used to use remind me a lot of Snes and Genesis games but not in a typical 'i used all fm synths to make this track' sort of way, just all over the place psychedelic nostalgic splosions.



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