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Things you are looking forward to

Rubin Farr

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- Getting over this damn flu.

- Making bleepy bloopy sounds on my synths.

- Finally passing the group theory course.

- Drinking fine cognacs in the candle light while the nights get darker. Maybe with some good company.

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I like this thread. It's like the opposite of the first world problems thread. I've recently been enjoying stepping back and thinking about what's actually awesome in my life rather than complaining about what isn't.


Just got told about a potential sharehouse today, a colleague recommended me to some of her friends. If I get it, I'll miss living alone, but I'll be saving $600 a month on rent. Looking forward to meeting these people, one of them is in a band called Cut Copy, who you might have heard of.

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Fall is ok where I live until about November gets around after which it's like 16-20 hours of darkness a day and constant cold rain and all the trees are bare. It get's better after the snow comes down but before that it's rather depressing.. That time between the beginning of November to about mid-December is the worst time of the year.

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Guest Enter a new display name

Deepchord's new 12"

The end of my gf's period

The day I will finally beat Half-Life 2 and Final Fantasy X

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I'm very grateful for the nice gig I have, and a big project starting soon that will keep me busy for the next 2 years. Among others:


Bed and breakfast weekend I'm about to drop on my girl for her Bday


Moving in together in winter

Several big holiday movies

Wii U launch

Justice at House of Blues

Spoiling my nephew for Xmas

Walking Dead season 3

Cooler weather

new HDMI Yamaha receiver

Borderlands 2


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It took me a whole week to recover from the 2009 weekender. Sweats, insomnia, nightmares, brilliant!

Really wish I was going.


Otherwise I am looking forward to the planet mu party at the end of the month (snares, ital tek, boxcutter, 0=0 and ziq)


I also got engaged a couple of weeks ago so some wedding planning will be commencing soon, trying to minimise length of engagement to around 6 months.. no point hanging about!


Also looking forward to appointing my best man and helping him plan an awesome weekend away of carnage :emotawesomepm9:

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