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lee gamble - overund

Guest grue

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there is a track on the new album by lee gamble, dutch tvashar plumes, which is clearly a cover of overand from tri rep. i haven't seen any liner notes, so i don't know if it is acknowledged explicitly as a cover, but both the title and the audio make it pretty obvious.


it doesn't stray too far from the original, but it's an interesting take. worth checking out if you like ae and lee gamble.


it seems like covers are relatively less common in electronic music than in other styles (except for the phenomenon of acoustic bands covering electronic acts). remixes are common enough, but covers much less so. is that right? can anyone think of other cases of electronic artists covering others, autechre in particular?

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Guest pixelives

"Overand" was covered my Francesco Tristano on his "Not for Piano" LP. It was called "Andover." He also covered "Strings of Life." He has also collaborated with Carl Craig and Moritz Van Oswald.

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covers of autechre also seem to reek of "hey i can do this too" but they can't. They just can't add anything that ae couldn't already do... wtf.


i see what you mean, although i think overand is a pretty good choice of a track to cover, given that problem. it's a nice track, but it's also pretty minimal and straightforward and so easier to reinterpret than something like, say, 'iv vv iv vv viii', where it would just seem like someone saying "i can do this too"



I wouldn't release a straight electronic cover of another electronic song


this is what i find interesting. it makes sense, but i wonder why. no one finds it strange when someone records a cover of some acoustic guitar piece on an acoustic guitar. so what's the difference?

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