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Cool and Frank - Golden Wall (Sleepers Records)


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I am so pumped to tell you guys that my EP is available on vinyl for presale today!


Order at Juno, Small Black Dots, and HHV.


Previews are at all those shops and the Soundcloud link in my sig.


A1 Bergorne
A2 Golden Wall
B1 Dusty & Green
B2 When 4 Ravers Come Crashing
B3 Pipe Pope Grape





Without this board, this release would have never happened. I never would have heard half of the music that inspired me -- Rolando Simmons, Zvd, Beatwife, Dwaalict, D'tachi, Mopfunk, Vytear, Thevco, Li+Flux, Beathaven, Monolith, Thdiot, Microlith, EvoAva, the list goes on... And my stuff has been greatly improved by rinses in YLC threads. 




Hope you guys order and enjoy!!!! And tell me what you think :) :)

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Juno review  :ok:  :yeah: 


Sleepers has been a little vague about the identity of the producer behind the Cool & Frank project, though it appears to be a newcomer from New York. Interestingly, the music on Golden Wall sounds vintage, as if it was recorded in the mid 1990s as a response to intelligent techno and "braindance" style releases. There's much to enjoy throughout, from the Ceephax Acid Crew style madness of "When 4 Ravers Come Crashing" and spacey, IDM-acid of "Golden Wall", to the intergalactic electro shuffle of "Bergone" and Polygon Window-era Richard D James loveliness of "Pipe Pope Grape". As debut 12" singles go, it's pretty darn good.

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