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Moving to Boston - Aphex Collection for sale

Guest pajamacrush

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Guest pajamacrush

greetings aphex fans,


yes....i'm moving to boston (from seattle) and have decided to sell my collection.....well....most of it....i'm keeping saw ii, on , sosw, etc....cd's from my favorite aphex era in my humble opinion...


if you are interested in a cd(s) or record(s) from my collection...email me a list of the cd's/records you are interested in and a price that you think is fair....and i will consider your offer.....


i have broken the list down into a few categories....




mark :)




here is the list.....


**aphex cd's**


51/13 singles collection

analogue bubblebath 3

analogue bubblebath 4

ventolin remixes - warp60cdr

words and music - promo cd

cock 10 (delco freedom mix / 54 cymrv beats (argonaut mix)

2 remixes by afx - men 1 cd

windowlicker - wap105cd

windowlicker - wap105cd

windowlicker - wap105cdr

windowlicker - sire records edition

the aphex twin - classics

analogue bubblebath

warp10+3 remixes

ventolin - cardboard snap case

ventolin wap60cd - slim jewel case

mike & rich - expert knob twiddlers

donkey rhubarb - wap 63

wap94cd - come to daddy - 4 tracks

surfing on sinewaves - the original, not the reissue

girl/boy e.p. wap78cd

come to daddy remixed - the orange cd - wap94cdr

icct hedral - wap63cdp - promo cd



**cd's with remixes by aphex**


seefeel - polyfusia : "time to find me (afx fast mix) + time to find me (afx slow mix)"

dmx krew - Ffressshh! - "you can't hide your love (aphex twin mix)

beck - the new pollution : "richard's hairpiece"

nobukazu takemura - child's view : "let my fish loose"

nav katz - never mind the distortion : "ziggy" + "change"

the gentle people - journey : "aphex twin care mix"

heroes symphony : cd + "3 inch aphex twin remix cd"

nine inch nails - further down the spiral : "the beauty of being numb"

baby ford - normal cd : "normal (helston flora remix by afx)



**various artists cd's with aphex songs on them**


mealtime - various artists : "afx - bummy"

only for the headstrong vol. 2 - "pacaman (mickey finn's yum yum mix"

isolationism - ambient 4 : "aphex airplines"

chillout phase two : "blue calx"

space daze 2000 : "aphex twin - #9"

outerspace communication : "supremacy II"

ambient senses - jumpin' and pumpin' : "joyrex i9 ii"

united mutation - lo recordings vol 3 : "mike flowers pops vs the aphex twin"

slowburn - who do you think you are (aphex twin quex-rd)

maximum electronica vol 1 : "on (u-ziq mix)"

fabulous shit : "the aphex twin vs the mike flowers pops - debase"

blech - wapcd44

the mike flowers pops meets the aphex twin

wasted volume 2 - two cd's plus 192 page booklet : "en trance to exit"

wap100 we are reasonable people

mtv amp - "girl/boy song"


**etc cd's...**

richard jamese speaks with request line, January 1997 - burned onto a cd with awesome homemade cover art



xylum tube ep


analogue bubblebath 4

analogue bubblebath 3.1




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That's a really cracked leather couch you have there - hope that's not going in place of the Aphex stuff... :laughing:


I personally wouldn't sell it - I've sold part of my collection and from time to time I find myself wanting those releases I sold.

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I want Gak( I love gak, its good, its god). Its purple like the venus no. 17. Is that how all Warp 12" EPs are?


EDIT: I live in Olympia. But I dont know if id be able ot come don anytime soon.

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Guest pajamacrush
are you broke or are you loosing your mind?


i am keeping my favorites...as i said....which is around 10 or so releases.....so i'm not losing my mind...at least from my mind's point of view..haha..but really...i just don't have the room to keep them all....and yes....i could use the money to further my artistic endeavors....and to get me to boston......


but on a side note....i just got the blog that freescha has finally spilled the details on their new album....."HEAD WARLOCK DOUBLE STARE"...Coming September 2006. Awesome!


and....and....and.....i haven't gotten any emails from anybody.....name your price and it shall surely be considered....help a fan help a fan.....


mark :)

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Guest thisket

I don't want to e-mail because then people may ask for sold items... but maybe $12 for the Windowlicker WAP105CDR/Pt. 2 single?


Depending on condition. May I ask which kind it's in?

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