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Big Up ...tracks: Hitsonu


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Lets get into the weeds...

A very fun track... bounces along all happy and cheerfu from the off with simple melodies and sparkling acid lines following... little gameboy bursts addin to the aesthetic. The drum programming is tight and not overwhelming .. with gorgeous hihat-play and claps. The end is very "endy" with a definit "we have arrived " conclusion.  I fucking love this... instant poppy classic from pusher

8/10 with 2 mark docked for just being so light n breezy and a tad samey throughout  - not too shabby tho








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  • phudoshin changed the title to Big Up ...tracks: Hitsonu

Those are all the reasons it’s my least favourite, especially that break... ! Ah different tastes eh?

Is still good, I wonder if I’d have enjoyed it more if it came after vortrack or something, maybe too happy happy joy joy following oberlove for me 

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The claps make this track

Also... I'd sort of LOVE a little vocal element ....even a few "HEYS" would work a treat

Remix time?


The end little warble at 4:01 is sooo satisfyingg


Totes reckon Tom could do a twisted live version of this mofo with relentless break action



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Good morning/afternoon/evening fellow IDM Edgelords. Hope your day is/has/will be fine.

I am pleased to report to Watmm HQ that this track actually clicked with me this morning. This is almost a minor miracle considering my vitriolic dislike to it on first few plays.

Man I fucking love this album. On my run through this morning (twice yesterday) I heard so many fantastic bits I'd never heard before.

Set the controls for the heart of the brain!!!


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