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  1. https://we.tl/t-nqbxMklDLB Manchester, Brighton & London
  2. top notch work guys, thank you! what sticks out to me from the boot is that chick talking about missing some sound and when she says "sssgood dude" wonderful!!
  3. and sig~ too, which converts N umbers into Sign als https://docs.cycling74.com/max7/refpages/sig~
  4. yes it is, nothing like this played so far. and with the racecar game seems to be a joke on their comment about playing their patches being like making cars fly upside down
  5. i love them? just got to the heavy bit in the middle in zagreb
  6. Stark, empty, depressing, lonely music for our stark, empty, depressing, lonely times. Pretty great actually. absolutely. overwhelming actually Yep. Heavy stuff. Having now listened, heavy heavy stuff. Dunno what else to say.
  7. Thanks for reports, excited to listen soon
  8. just saw emails bout this. haven’t listened yet, just a thread bump. anyone jam this how is it?
  9. lol what delightful cats, what delightful thread
  10. just got myselb a new message ringtone an hour long ringtone!?
  11. we’ve been waiting for 11 years Good Grief Just nord it out
  12. sounds like it’ll be done when it’s done.
  13. Good question Realy makes u think What *is* “album”¿?
  14. monoppus


    ooo yeah and the represented audio is spexy-oogram-orgastimic
  15. monoppus


    this is Autechre thread post Spectrograms not waveforms come on people
  16. It's a dub mix, see this interview
  17. yeah i was getting mixed up sorting the files n folders and checking tags. how to integrate this into my life? I want to know how i want to know how
  18. monoppus


    I remember really digging the Portsmouth gig, but maybe it was the hot and sweaty vibe of the pleasantly overloaded phone tape who knows?
  19. monoppus


    Log in, add the whole thing to your basket and it'll remove the ones you already have and discount the others.Managed to grab some but now .... DOWNLOAD FAILED. PLEASE TRY AGAIN. Yeah I keep getting that every time I try to download one :/ BLERPSame here.I have Had success downloading them individually
  20. Wow time flies. Seems like just yesterday we were studying phone recorded audience tapes. Just put on Orlando—Geeze Just adore this material. Huge returns on investment. I love them i remember ages ago i watched an interview with some dude, a remote dev, I dont know why tf i was watching that nor do I remember who that guy is, but anyway this dude talked for a long while about how all he listens to is Phish live shows, and how he has a terabyte of Phish show recordings. AE are IDM Phish. IDM Grateful Dead. The first IDM jam band I wore a Grateful Dead T shirt to the Austin gig.
  21. yes,lot of lush, need to be heard indeed. awaiting eagerly thanks again to all involved for sharing and working on this
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