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  1. Holy shit these ads are fucking brutal!
  2. How did you figure the AP copies are the good ones? I’ve got one of those.
  3. Yeah I’m loving this ep as an accompaniment to the album. It feels like a lo-fi Untilted ep to me
  4. Love the new hateful members joining watmm, please find another outlet 🙂
  5. Forced exposure has some coming in https://www.forcedexposure.com/Catalog/hafler-trio-autechre-3oaeh-7lp-box/VOD.166LP.html
  6. Ha. Love it. Half hour of new music already this year!
  7. That’s so dark and kinda offensive joyrex. Why would you assume he’s made anything from this? Ik you’re a fan so maybe your just being funny, no disrespect meant. Didn’t he say he made zero from similar endeavors?
  8. Bog dawg my gawd !! I’ve never seen him speak. One of my favorite artists the past 25 years.
  9. endera3rd

    afx nft

    That pic is funny can never unfunge
  10. endera3rd

    afx nft

    you’ll get nothin dude, I already stole it and shared it with a much ballyhooed meme lord now everyone in the world owns it https://www.instagram.com/p/CMas9X5FqSW/?igshid=fxhlib2jo5i3
  11. Some fun bits in this https://daily.bandcamp.com/label-profile/planet-mu-25th-anniversary-guide?utm_source=notification
  12. The label boss said in the comments that preorders go up 4 weeks before release, always so somebody keep an eye on that for me
  13. Thank you Swam!
  14. Fuck you that’s brilliant! Great mix!! I wonder if it was the start of this track in a Xmas mix posted on the old mu board or something.
  15. Hey I can’t remember which snares track maybe samples Walking in the Air maybe it’s something off planet mu? Just trying to remember and it’s killin me.
  16. I totally agree. It’s extremely controversial I suppose, among the knobs that love to thumbs-up or down stuff here, that Come Down To Us is my favorite burial track. And the ep that it’s on is very special. It’s like he touched the monolith with that one.
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