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I got a good one I forgot: http://www.elevayta.com/d_plugins.htm


Go to convo boy LITE. Its a free convolution reverb plugin. Better features and better latancy than SIR. I own the better version cause its cheap and faster latancy.


EDIT: Oh yeah, and http://www.vemberaudio.se/download/shortcircuit-free.exe this is a cool sampler. (only 2-note polyphony) but is nice. For some reason this link isnt availible on the homepage right now but this works I think.

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Couple of cool ones:




http://www.cableguys.de/plugins.html -- this one is really slick and it shows you the harmonic content of the wave you design in the wave table. its a pretty basic 3 osc structure but it sounds really nice and works slickly. wavetable features are very plentiful and come with quick presets for the wave design which is convenient.


http://www.humanoidsounds.co.uk/ -- scanned synth VSTi dosn;t have a gui wut uses "scanned synthesis" and it sounds out of this world.

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Very very nice free EQ, (my personal favorite):






* intuitive GUI

* up to 64 bands

* two basic algorithms ('Digital' and 'Analog')

* 64-bit Assembler optimized

* Economy Mode for less CPU Usage

* all basic filter types (Peak, HighShelf, LowShelf, Highpass, Lowpass, Bandpass, Notch)

* 30+ special filters

* Mono/Stereo (linked)

* exact edit of frequency, gain, bandwidth

* neatless Add/Delete of a band

* customisable Default

* A|B compare

* import/export posihfopit presets

* 50 Presets


found here: http://www.aixcoustic.com/index.php/posihfopit_edition/30/0/


Its really smooth to use and sounds unbelievable. A great EQ free or otherwise.

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Guest dave1980








or if you could be bothered to filter tru these but the 3 links above preety much has everything you will ever need - enjoy makein yourself sick with plugins


Anologue Samples - http://www.analoguesamples.com/

Findsounds - http://www.findsounds.com/ISAPI/search.dll

Synthzone - http://www.synthzone.com/

Wavcentral - http://www.wavcentral.com./

Wavsamples - http://www.wavesamples.cjb.net/

Samples to download - http://www.flashkit.com/soundfx/index.shtml

Analog Bank - http://users.chariot.net.au/~lucas/bankflash.html

Analoguesamples - http://www.analoguesamples.com/

Apocalypse Sound - http://www.apocalypse-sound.com/

Audiowerkstatt - http://members.liwest.at/web/audiowerk/apw.htm

Bass and Trouble - http://bassandtrouble.com/sounds/wavs3000/wavs3000.htm

Bass Culture - http://www.bassculture.org/

Cybergroove - http://www.cybergroove.de/e_index.htm

Breakbeats.co.uk - http://www.break-beats.co.uk/

Deltaz Samplez - http://www.deltaz-palaze.de/

Digital Improvization - http://www.digimpro.com/samples.html

DJ Acid Underground - http://members.tripod.com/adm/interstitial/remote.html

Dogbeats - http://www.dogbeats.co.uk/

Dooley Drums - http://www.dooleydrums.com/

Looza - http://www.hgb-leipzig.de/~ajoscht/audio/loops/loops.html

Drum Loop Central - http://www.geocities.com/~junebugtd7/drum_loop_central/

Phat Drum Loops - http://www.phatdrumloops.com/old_site/

Echo Vibes - http://www.echovibes.com/

E-Drummer - http://www.e-drummer.net/

E-Lab - http://www.e-lab.se/

Electronisounds - http://www.electronisounds.com/

Factory 42 - http://www.cpaterson.clara.net/

Findsounds - http://www.findsounds.com/

Soundwaves - http://tilt.largo.fl.us/samples/free.html

Funk Station - http://x-stream.fortunecity.com/kingsrd/58/

Future Wave Shaper - http://www.futurewaveshaper.com/

Ground Loops - http://www.groundloops.com/archive.htm

Hello Synthesizers - http://hello.to/synthesizers

Ignite - http://www.geocities.com/ignite_music/

Kalava Drum Archive - http://hem.passagen.se/lej97/kalava/

Loopasonic - http://www.users.globalnet.co.uk/~spufus/

Mean Beat - http://meanbeat.cjb.net

Moonman's Synth Place - http://synthplace.freeservers.com/

Musical Drugstore - http://www.skip.informatik.gu.se/~adde/drugstore/menu.html

Music Machines at Hyperreal - http://machines.hyperreal.org/samples.html

Musiksamples.de - http://www.musiksamples.de/

Nexus - http://digilander.iol.it/Geecko1/Index.html

Orchestra Samples - http://www.fortunecity.com/tinpan/perfect/...eng/sampls.html

Pinknoise - http://www.soundbank.hu/

Pocket Fuel - http://www.pocketfuel.com/_sounds/

Raw 42 - http://www.raw42.com/samples/

Rob Papen Sound Design - http://www.robpapen.com

SampleNet - http://www.samplenet.co.uk/

Dysmusax' Samples - http://www.dysmusax.cz/eng/

Skevens Music - http://titan.spaceports.com/~upbeat/

Sound Central - http://www.soundcentral.com/

Soundsproz - http://www.soundproz.com/

Speakerboy - http://www.thespeakerboy.com/

The Sample Shack - http://www.wyze.com/sampleshack/sampleshack.html

Tribe - http://mp3-tribe.com/

US Raves - http://us-raves.com/

Waveform.dk - http://www.waveform.dk/

WaveSamples - http://www.wavesamples.cjb.net/

Wave World - http://www.modarchive.com/waveworld/

Joor - http://www.joor.com/

Drummachine.com - http://www.drummachine.com/newpages/sounds.html

Bizarre Ambient FX - http://sonikmatter.com/sounds/

Korg Wavestation Sounds - http://sonikmatter.com/sounds/wavs/cowzar_Jan01/

Hakachukai's Samples - http://www.members.tripod.com/hakachukai/samples.html

Innards - http://perso.respublica.fr/innards/NewFiles/samples.html

Jaspertronic Synthesizer Sounds - http://www.trayfulloflabmice.com/synthsound.html

Mellotron Samples - http://tinpan.fortunecity.com/aphex/113/index.html

Maldoror - http://vulcan.spaceports.com/~maldoror/

Oberheim Matrix-12 Samples - http://matrix-12.tripod.com/home.htm

Oneshot Samples - http://www.oneshotsamples.com/

Reelsounds.com - http://www.reelsounds.com/sounds.htm

Samples4U - http://go.to/samples4u.net

Zoolab - http://www.zoolabmu

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No, its not. Thats a typical list of every piece of shit sample site on the internet, plus basic freeware vst link sites. I could have linked tons more than I did. I only gave what I found very valuable to a musician as a link. I thought that was the purpose to the thread.

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(of those I highly reccomend triple-cheese(just try it), pushtec 5A+1(really cool EQ), and BuzzRizerFree(awesome multiband compressor)) There are probably others I havn't tried that are pretty good.


http://www.discodsp.com/highlife/ ---------- This is a nice little sampler. Used to cost like 50 bucks or something, today was made freeware. Very unique because it will host a vst inside and will painlessly auto sample it at any specification you want. Will export into .sfz or .wav. Totally worth the download. I think the only other sampler that can load its own vsts is DirectWave, but thats pretty expensive. I think arguru may have coded both samplers so that might explain the similarity.


Shit..... I thought I had more to say. Maybe Ill post again soon.

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Guest Pilchard
Hot dang! Great new plugins!

Just a quick question: Has anyone tried the Video VST by Metamorphosis? Are the videos midi triggered by the sounds of your music?

fat-ass free stuff


Edge is the best thing ever. Even though I made it, I do genuinely beleive that!

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voxengo has a couple more free plugins available, but this new one really stands out. it's an EQ plugin that a. sounds really good and b. has an easy interface but offers a lot of routing possibilities. i'm surprised they offer this one for free.

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Yeah Its really nice. But I think the reason it is free is probably because they will, or do (i really have no clue) have another product that expands on it or uses the technology mose likely.

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I work on a lot of music at work, and maybe due to paranoia I keep all my stuff on my flash drive with either free software or stuff I paid for. I've been through a lot of it, and honestly a bunch is bullshit but here are things I end up using daily.


A few of my favorites:


Ugo Texture - Good for bizarre sounds





Ugo Rez - Meat and potatos arp synth





Ugo StringTheory - Really bad physical modelling but its great none the less





props to ugo!


Iblit - Decent Subtractive synth, i use it more then I should





Neokiller - Great aggressive synth, skip the presets






The Hands Of Darkness V1.0 - Basically anything by jack dark owns your soul





Triple Cheese - Wierd physical modelling vst, similar to Sculpture but not as powerful





Claw - not bad for basses





:laughing: Enjoy fellas

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Guest we_kill_soapscum

a lot of great shit in here lately! lovin the xoxox website, its so low key and simple but seems to be filled with so much great shit

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