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max tundra releases every cover and remix he's done for free


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Guest disparaissant

So just listening to the music almost brought to you orgasm? Really?

yes! OH GOD YES.


that owen pallett remix is fucking sublime. so is the lily allen one. and the pet shop boys one.

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I should probably listen to some Max Tundra already.


yes you definitely should. 'mastered by guy at the exchange' is a pop/IDM masterpiece


and he gets his sister to sing on his tracks


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ben is such a great guy, and makes such great music. too bad he's so hung up on the whole music thing and is not interested in doing anything aside from touring to support himself :(

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Guest analogue wings

For a worthy cause http://fiverr.com/maxtundra


I asked him to coo something for someone. Got my request filled the next day. A++++++++ Would ask to coo again.


if i get him to coo one of my own songs can i release it as a max tundra remix on my 12"?

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