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Fast electronic music reccomendations

Suffocate Peon

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I think that is what I want from music more than anything else, more often that not; music to energise me. I thought someone else might have made a thread titled 'tracks like St Michael's Mount' or something similar, search didn't bring anything up.


Not hyper detailed, not breakcore, not angry, just fast, relentless, forceful even. A cavalcade of sound, a rush, music that's falling over itself to surge forward. I'd bother with metal but I want beauty, a pure crisp sound, not angst.


So, Venetian Snares' Pwntendo and Hospitality are the fastest music I've heard. They just scream with speed. I'm bored of listening to new electronic music and being bored and disappointed by its boring disappointing self satisfied casualness. Maybe just recommendations of music which will definitely annoy me but which isn't annoying in itself.


'tracks like St Michael's Mount'

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This thread is such a joke lol

The OP is terrible, and the only post which fits is Inkey$, and he obviously knows about that, since his listed example is Mt St Michel + Mount Saint Michael.

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You might dig this:




Here's a Lords of Acid track I fell in love with when I was younger:




I really love fast music, as well. I felt really inspired by "Mt Saint Michel+St Michaels Mount" and "Vordhosbn" so I've written a lot of music based on that same idea. Check this out:


http://williamsbraintree.bandcamp.com/track/brad or

http://futureimagerecords.bandcamp.com/track/cosmic-salad and



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Guest Helper ET

venetian snares' cavalcade / hospitality are off the fucking wall. the only music ive heard that is of that caliber is rdj album / drukqs (which are far more well written). am i deaf, or can no one else in the world make beats as insane as these two guys? i mean, of all the modern popular electronic labels, theres no one. even old squarepusher beats lag behind afx and vs.

can anyone name more?




its not as good, but check out ceephax' megalift ep. it definitely energizes me



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