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Herv - I didn't hear anyone ask for a rewind

Dennis Weaver Acid - Ceephax

About Turn - Acidburp

2 Bedroom - Jodey Kendrick

Heuge no mori Chujiko(hujiko pro remix) - Bikotan

Samurai Math Beats - Bogdan Raczynski

Green Beats - Dynamix II

Ease Up VIP - Uziq

Illegal Soundz of The Vibe - Shitmat

Long Time Coming (x-large mix) - Safari Sounds

Baddow Life - Ceephax

Gamma Decay - Paul Blackford

Serenity - Error Response

Meep Meep (Acidburp re-remix) - Acidburp

Grape Nut Beats (Pt.1) - Uziq

CERN CCTV - Adjective

N.Y State of Mind - Nas

Space Chameleon - Danny Breaks

Can't Punish Me - Dom & Roland

Wizard of The Black Hundreds - Have A Nice Life

Arcadian - Ceephax

Indivisible Force - Current Value

Dust Covered - Acidburp

Life's a Bitch - Nas

Here We Go - Mr Scruff

Think Twice - Ini

A Cosmic Parent - Boxcutter

Lone Ravers - Squarepusher

Daddy Acid - Kink

Rapperdacid - Luke Vibert

Exploring Time and Space - Upstanding Monk

Holyhype - Sovereign Sect

Yuop - Autechre

The Kettle Men - Actress

Prince- Global Goon

Chromakey Dreamcoat - Boards of Canada

Jailhouse ROck - Oldboy OST

Theme of Yarhalla - Dong

Thief of Dreams - The Bug

Dead Soon - Tipper

Remote Control - Vhs Head

Echo - Lutsch Symphonic Orchestra

I Found The End - Broadcast

On The DL - The Pharcyde

Bayreuth - Farben

Liquidation - The Holy Ghost Inc.

Transmitting On All Frequencies - Bass Junkie

Pork You In The Head - William S Braintree

Dixit Dominus - Igorr

Same Dream - Acidburp

Blockers And Bombers - Four Lemmings and a Funeral

Baleine - Bogdan Raczynski

Poppy Seed (Boards of Canada Mix) - Slag Boom Van Loon

Badman Ballad - Shitmat

Z (original Mix) - Mr Oizo

Style N Stance - Team Doyobi

Feeling - Leila

Trademark Ribbons of Gold - Vhs Head

Pen Expers - Autechre

Music is Math - Boards of Canada

P69 - X-Asp

Patriotic Acid - Ace of Clubs

Blind Concerto (original Mix) - Mr Oizo

Schizal Lines - Upstanding Monk

Microtronics 06 - Broadcast

Twangle Frent - Uziq

En Route- Chimera

Peschi - Reload

The Man With The Red Face - Laurent Garnier

The P.S.I - Ecstasy Club

Inspector Jay from Delhi - DJ Shadow

Cardboard Lamb - Crash Course in Science

Pac-man Original edit - Aphex Twin

Sloth - Aphex Twin

Good Time Girl - DMX Krew

Solaris Gangster Acid - Missqualater

The X Word - Monolog X

Chinook - Boards of Canada

The Belt Monologue - Chris Morris





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Guest placidburp

Don't waste it all on beer!


I couldn't today anyway, I'm stupidly hungover!

Yours and a few other people's purchases have paid for my Soundcloud subscription upgrade! thanks again! :beer:


btw, listening to this mix again! its proper great!

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aww that's pretty awesome that goDel bought the EP after hearing some fine tunes from it in the mix! glad you chaps like the mix :D I'll be sure to let you know when I make another mix :) (most likely the same length and whatnot, so it lasts long.....)


great thing about Percussion lab is that it lets people download the actual mix for their cars or Ipods or whatever :D!


seriously though, hearing that the mix made someone buy Dust Covered has made my day, such a nice sweet wee thing :D everyone is a winrar!!!

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