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YMO recommendations?


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The only exposure I've had to YMO has been from watching a tribute band while absolutely tripping balls, and as a result I don't quite remember the show at all. So, I'm looking for one (1) album to get me started. Which one would be the best to obtain first? I've seen a bunch of their records in stores lately, which is nice.

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Guest analogue wings

Modey, definitely get the first two obvious ymo records, but if you want the pure j-pop hit, you definitely want to check out Naughty Boys from 1983. Every song a J pop classic. its the Glass Swords of 1983 :emotawesomepm9:











and if you were wondering how seriously they took this sound...



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Thanks for the recommendations guys. I'll check these out tonight!


Salvatorin: Hey, been meaning to get in contact—can you send me the mixed version of our collab from way back? I don't think I ever heard it!

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BGM to me is THE YMO album. Music Plans and this version of 1000 knives alone make it superior to anything else YMO did. i challenge anyone to listen to these and not be totally blown away!!!! imo anyway. :P


music plans:




1000 knives:


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Don't forget the parody act OMY, who basically ripped off the structures of all YMO songs but changed the notes / lyrics:




Some are just as fascinating as the originals, some are duds but interesting


As for YMO themselves, one of my proudest possessions is the original version of their first album on vinyl, before the Americans gutted all the electronic parts from it. Would rescue it in a fire.

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