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Jan Jelinek - Music For Fragments / Music & Birds


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faitiche starts a series of vinyl 12"-compilations, which will contain previously unreleased commissioned work/projects/collaborations by or with Jan Jelinek. faitiche08, the first release in this series, will present two pieces of Fragments, music for a dance piece by Sylvain Émard, and four tracks of Music & Birds, a performance for Cosmo Caixa - Museum of Science Barcelona, Spain. Planned releasedate is early autumn 2012. More information soon!




read / listen http://www.faitiche....p?article_id=37

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I met Jan Jelinek a few months ago and I joked about how his Ursula Bogner story was funny, yet obviously fake. He smirked and said "you have to believe".


And I agree with what Squee and dr lopez just said: I really admire Jan Jelinek's early discography, but the uniqueness and the depth of his sound has slowly faded away since.

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will definitely check this out, but what i'm really hoping for is another bogner record. i know how this guy can never stay on one thing and is constantly experimenting/developing and that's worrying that he might be done with bogner


maybe i can just keep my fingers crossed and hope he "discovers" more of her reels

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