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The biggest iceberg break-up ever captured on film.

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This was just amazing. Those shots had perfect potential to be used for a sf movie, and I'd love to watch the whole footage (hd if possible)!


Hobbit tonight is gonna be even crappier after this epic video...

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How strange. Lately, I've been thinking of Burial's use of vinyl crackling as giant ice shelves scraping together. Funny that you posted this video because it's exactly what I imagined them to sound like.






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Are they releasing it as a film? Cool! I just hope those camera nerds don't provide a running commentary through the whole thing.


If I remember correctly, that scene didn't go on for much longer. I saw it the other week (there was even a Q & A session with the guy behind the whole project). Pretty unreal, though it's too bad that it was filmed like a typical TV documentary.



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