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Meat Beat Manifesto - Subliminal Sandwich

dr lopez

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hey guys.


its me dr lopez


just wondering what everyone is up to on a wednesday night EST. i'm listening to subliminal sandwich which is just about the greatest album released in 1996. 20 years ago. yes it is. and dont all u faglords come yelling at me being like "BUT D-LO DONT U KNOW RDJ ABLUM WAS RELEASED IN 96 ITS GOT CORN MOUTH UHH I MEAN CARN MARTH ON IT IZ SO GOOD" sorry friends. fine album. afex is great.




subliminal sandwich is the greatest album of 96. there is no comparison. anyway we can debate this late into the night. having a good time and dont want any1 to harsh my vibe. wht are all you doing later>????


lemme know




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I am work. it is crunch time. shit is busy. yes, I can still post here when it's busy, cos I'm a multitasker (actually the real reason is that our shit takes forever to update and there are periods of time when I can't do anything).


later I will go home, eat and go to bed.


the joys of 9-5 life.


ps. I still haven't heard Subliminable Sandwich. MBM have been on my to-listen list forever, even longer than FSOL.

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Guest bitroast

ps. I still haven't heard Subliminable Sandwich.


oh man. do it.

i personally find the album abit LONG but thats mostly because i try and slam the album in one sitting and it always ends up destroying me. but i loooove the vibes. the dub :):)

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RDJ Album is only ~30 minutes.






Just saying :emotawesomepm9:







literally go to hell.

take a fucking car ride to hell.


oh no. subliminal sandwich is too long for me. fuck off. please fuck off lopez. subliminal sandwich is all about having no concept of time. this album is processing what the last half of the 20th century was like. it's not over in 30 minm jesus fuck

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gosh. what a huge mistake.


if any newbs are reading this. please. make a concerted effort and dont do what bitroast did and take care of yourself. sit down, listen to subliminal sandwich all the way through. (pssst in the 90s we called this a double album)



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Guest bitroast

was listening to THE FRAGILE earlier and loving it. it's also LONG ( borrowing mates 3 x LP version ) and also (like sub sandwich imo) it's REALLY GOOD.

worst thing is still the lyrics. the album may as well be instrumental and ask the listener to sing their own lyrics because you can literally just make them up with half the songs. " WHY ... MUST I FEEL THE PAIN ???? WHAT DOES IT HAVE To ... *shatner pause for effect* ... GAIN ?" ect. ec. etc.


maybe the nin is fueling the hate. u big FCKERs.

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