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Contact Autechre/WARP for rights to use AE music in a short movie


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Hello Good people of internet.


I am trying to find a way to contact Autechre and respectively - WARP records so I can negotiate the rights to use their tracks in a short movie I am making. I want to do it the legit way, but I struggle to get a hold of Autechre contacts or receive feedback from WARP records.

This is not just about rights to upload the movie to youtube.
I want to have the rights to use the music because the movie will be shown at several festivals and having the proper approval/rights on the all used content is a must.


Any help that will make me move forward to achieve my goal will be much appreciated.


Thank you for your time.

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2. My project is not-for-profit / does not have a budget - can I license a track for free?

We do not grant fee-free licenses.

Whoa, Warp you're such a business machine.
Be ready to kickstarter/indiegogo/etc dat shit around these parts with a nice ass teaser
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He's overstating his importance as a filmmaker by coming here to ask this instead of using an internet search engine. It's basically posturing. Can't wait to see his magnus opus at Cannes, Venice, Sundance and Berlin

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