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  1. I'm not the most discerning audiophile, but Nlogax and June 9th sound a lot less meaty here than on my earlier copy.
  2. I don't have a problem with carrying on as Pixies without her, I just lost interest after hearing Bagboy and some of the EP tracks. But then again, I thought Bam Thwok was pretty poor as well in spite of her. I agree with her being a performer overall, but Kim did have a few good moments though, Into The White is a superb track and she did a good job of I've Been Waiting For You.
  3. What the shit? Site still says the CD is in stock and shipping. With this and the Jon Brooks no-show I'm getting a pissed off with my record orders lately.
  4. Still no sign of this, I suspect my order is lost to the bloody Post Office forever. I've been assured I can get a replacement if it's still a no-show in a few weeks, but I was really looking forward to hearing this while I was off work.
  5. Finally got mine today. Ordered the only option which turned out to be the standard 60-panel digipak. Got a badge and Warp 25 magnet. Got two magnets with Reachy Prints as well, pity Bleep couldn't go back to dishing out little freebies.
  6. Did I miss anything in this thread. Had the dispatch email for the vinyl, but that the CD is to come later.
  7. I'll be glad to have those complete Peel Sessions in (presumably) good quality. I really think the Peel versions of 'Tame' and 'There Goes My Gun' are superior to those that ended up on the album. I'm old enough to remember buying 'Doolittle' on release day and being excited as fuck to hear it after 'Surfer Rosa' and 'Come On Pilgrim'. I still love all three today, so ordered the triple CD without thinking or checking my overdraft. Got to say though, the just-about passing interest I had in their reforming post-Kim has now completely gone. Not heard 'Indie Cindy' and have no inclination to change that.
  8. I pre-ordered it before those details were added to the page, so I hope that'll be the version I'll get. I think you're right about their making more pressings. According to Bleep the Twelve Stations 7" is also still available (as well as to download). Incidentally, I really must download the Children Of Alice track, don't know why I've dithered this long.
  9. Must be my age, over the past few years I've developed a preference for short tracks and albums. Much as I love the likes of Autechre, I find lengthy albums full of six or seven minute plus tracks daunting. Back in my day, you were lucky if albums were longer than 45 minutes. You could go out and leave your doors unlocked then and everything.
  10. Shocking, tragic news. A genuine master and pioneer has gone. RIP Mark.
  11. Got the CD and enjoying the album a lot. Might end up being my favorite in time, certainly better than When The Quiet Comes which I still find disappointing.
  12. Thank you. I saw this on the site but didn't know it was up for pre order. Also notice of a reissue campaign, with a double 10" of Two Witches: http://www.folkloretapes.co.uk/product/devon-folklore-tapes-vol-i-two-witches. Personally, if I never buy another of their releases I have to bag Cheshire Folklore (thank you to WATMMer nebraska for putting me onto it), it being my home county and all.
  13. It might make a bit more sense if the album was pressed at 45rpm. And from the preview on iTunes Japan, the final vinyl track does seem to be the same as Protector. Well at least I don't have to rush to buy the Japanese CD then...
  14. Sorry for being too lazy to check back in the thread but, the 'hidden' track at the end of side four appears to be 'Protector' from the Japanese CD...? I like this album on first listen but I feel a tiny bit ripped off by the boxset. Would've been better as a double vinyl with the regular and instrumental album. On the other hand, the artwork and design is amazing.
  15. Was hoping this would've arrived for the weekend. It's been dispatched but not a sign of it which has rather pissed me off.
  16. Ah, there you go, estimated shipping is now 20th October. Why don't Skam just wait until their records are actually available? Hope this isn't going to go the same way as the VHS Head vinyl fiasco.
  17. I will be astounded if this isn't delayed. Still showing as 'pre-order' in my Bleep account.
  18. Tuesday's my birthday, not securing a copy could really shit all over the day for me.
  19. Vinyl arrived today. Very nice looking the whole thing is but it seems you pay a lot for the anti-static bag. Still, I knew what I was paying for, no one put a gun to my head and there's now way I would've passed on it.
  20. Anyone else a fan of Thom's piano pieces. Thinking in particular of Like Spinning Plates' live incarnation, The Daily Mail, I Want None Of This, I Froze Up etc. Guess Again! sounds like he took one of those type tracks and decided to fuck it up into something amazing. I would like him to put out more solo piano tracks.
  21. As in almost all TY/RH threads, I find myself agreeing with pretty much every post from pigster and jules. I liked this on first listen, particularly Guess Again! It seemed to meander a little during the second half though, not bad but I need to give it the time it deserves to maybe let it sink in.
  22. 'Dude Incredible' is brilliant, just like everything else they've ever released. I think is album is a lot more immediate than 'Excellent Italian Greyhound', which took me quite a while to appreciate. Puts me in mind of 'At Action Park' in places. I could listen to almost anything recorded by Albini (apart from Bush), just for the drum sounds alone.
  23. Hope I can nab a copy of this, it's amazing how quickly Clay Pipe releases sell out. And any thoughts on the Woodbines and Spiders collab with Ian Hodgson? A bit off the wall, need to revisit it sometime.
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