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  1. Close Encounters is one of my favourites from the album. There was a point where I got sick of it but then some ambient remix of it rekindled my love of it, and the whole album for that matter. Also sometimes cheesiness can can flip inside out and become fresh again right? To my (admittedly very limited knowledge) there's not a lot of stuff like Close Encounters or Majestic being made these days so if someone put that out now, it would probably be seen as quite refreshing in a sort of retro throwback sort of way. I think I love both of these albums about the same but for different reasons... the mood of them is just polar opposites (obviously intentionally).
  2. Listening to the new one now and at least this one is significantly different to the original, I can barely tell the difference between the "new" Dark Train and the original. Mind you I still wouldn't buy this but it's neat!
  3. Looking forward to the Floex remix! And it's fun hearing Orbitals own reimaginings of their old tracks (even though they're pretty cheesy).
  4. Oh yeah I had a listen to Lunar on Spotify and it was quite lovely ๐Ÿ˜
  5. Yeah listened to Kick ii and III today and I liked them quite a bit, much more than kick I (which seemed very underwhelming by itself but as part of a larger piece I think it might work better).
  6. To be honest, I was more surprised by how small in scope Kick i was, given how huge all her other albums were...
  7. I listen to very little new music... but what I have enjoyed that came out this year: Sungazer - Perihelion Danny L Harle - Harlecore Low - HEY WHAT Clown Core - 1234 Sedibus/The Orb - The Heavens OSS/The Orb - Enter the Kettle
  8. Their old "system" more or less started with Oversteps and Move of Ten right? Sign and Plus feel a lot like those two to me. Lush melodies/sparse beats. So potentially, they approached the first experiments with the new "system" the same way they did with the previous one. Which means the next release might be what they consider to be the "new system's Exai". That's my prediction. Which still doesn't give us any idea what it might sound like, but I'm gonna guess that creatively, they're in a similar position where they were with Exai... (i.e. getting comfortable with some new tools and putting together something quite ambitious with those tools).
  9. Has anyone been listening to The Orb/Alex Patterson's collaborations on his "Orbscure" label? This came out today I believe... kinda reminds me of the remixes of Orbus Terrarum/Pomme Fritz era Orb... dark and dubby... Also earlier in the year he released another album called The Heavens by Sebidus which is also really nice, and also feels like a call back to earlier times (a bit like U.F.Orb).
  10. This is really neat! The guitar sounds are really beautiful, nice floaty mood. I like the combination of live and electronic drums too, although I feel like in terms of mixing they don't quite gel together as well as they could. Definitely gonna check out the rest of your stuff on Spotify.
  11. So if anyone was following this... unfortunately, at this point, this won't be on Spotify etc (let's just say due to... technical difficulties) but it'll still be on Bandcamp and Youtube as well. I'll just update my signature so as not to bump my own thread everytime there's an update on this.
  12. Thank you! This one is set at 250bpm in FLstudio but depending on how you interpret the beat I suppose it could be argued there are bits at 500 or even 1000 ๐Ÿ˜…
  13. *ahem* Hellow WATMM... I am very happy to finally announce my album, Super Golyhedronland, will be released on November 22! 13 tracks of frenetic, videogame-inspired electronic madness, which I am very proud of ๐Ÿ˜ It'll be on Spotify and all the big streaming services, but also if you got some cash to spare, why not pre-order the digital release today on Bandcamp? I've included a whole bunch of sweet sweet digital art goodies, check it out:
  14. Been a while... been working away at artwork for my album, Super Golyhedronland, which will release on November 22! Here's another track from it, a bit of chiptune/hardcore-techno wackiness:
  15. This is another track from the album I'm currently working on, Super Golyhedronland. Probably the most "IDM" of the bunch, lots of skittery, constantly changing beats in odd meters, but it's all very sugary and sweet and colourful ๐Ÿ™‚
  16. New tune from me: It's a mix of EDM, chiptune, breakcore, with some proggy meter changes. This is (probably) an outtake from the album I've been working on, although I'm still pretty happy with it ๐Ÿ™‚
  17. springymajig


    OMG! I totally didn't realise that till you mentioned it! It's right there in the title! (well... kinda)... as if the weird tempo shifts (which is probably some kind of audio illusion... possibly using metric modulation or something) in that track wasn't weird enough already!
  18. springymajig


    Actually... to be precise, my understanding is that what you are describing, and what dingformung describes as the first kind of polyrhythm is actually called polymeter. However... everyone just calls it polyrhythm anyway, so does it matter? I dunno. Actual polyrhythms, where the bar length is the same but the division length is different, usually sounds super messy and shit when it's anything that isn't divisible by 3 (eg 3 against 4, 4 against 3, 6 against 4 etc). I've heard examples of 5 against 4 that worked but rarely. I think that will probably change over time as audiences get used to listening to the "quintuplet swing" (a bar of 4 beats each subdivided by 5) which is all the rage at the moment in prog and jazz and will surely become mainstream in the not too distant future (oh yeah I THINK Cfern is an example of quintuplets but it could just be triplets).
  19. Yes earlier in the thread someone mentioned the vital contributions to early electronic music by queer/LGBT people, but I think in all of those examples, the extent at which they made the music about themselves was far less pronounced than with these hyperpop artists. As much as enjoy some hyperpop, what you describe really limits that enjoyment, and I also can't take it seriously. AG Cook is good because there's a strong sense of irony and satire, it's MEANT to be vapid and self centred, because it's satirising pop music from the 90s and early 2000s. It's definitely an extension of vaporwave. But just like vaporwave, there's a vast range of attitudes within the hyperpop genre: some artists seem to exaggerate pop sensibilities because they think its just good, like they're not in on the joke. I kinda like Arca's latest album, but I feel like it sits in this category, probably Sophie too. But then there's also the whole thing of it being pop music at the end of the day and pop isn't meant to be taken seriously and somehow Arca and Sophie are all laughing at us that it's ACTUALLY US that don't get the joke, they ARE making ironic pop music while simultaneously making a serious artistic and "political" statement because of some post-post-modern ideological labyrinthine trap where A is equal to A AND B and nothing really makes sense... Ugh...
  20. Great textures and chord progression, very pretty (especially played LOUD).
  21. Again... fantastic... I totally get that you might not be as interested in making this kinda stuff as "post-grunge 90s alternative" but I would love a whole album of this!
  22. I would argue her last album, KiCk I, could be considered hyperpop.
  23. Yeah definitely funky, very laid back. It feels like it properly starts around the 1 minute mark, I really like the rubbery bass that comes in around then. I feel like it maybe takes a bit too long to get there, and overall it's perhaps a little longer than it needs to be. At the same time, music like this lends itself well to longer, hypnotic grooves so it's a tricky balance to strike...
  24. Listened to the last couple of tracks and they're very nice, very smooth, well recorded and produced, super relaxing. But the song in your signature there... that one is BEAUTIFUL, love the way the bassline shifts and harmonises with everything else around 2 minutes in and onwards, that little progression that cycles is really really pretty.
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