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  1. I'm clearly not checking this thread frequently enough... But thanks for the heads up.
  2. https://forum.watmm.com/topic/95409-tsrono-alluvial-and-ripari/
  3. https://tsrono.bandcamp.com/album/alluvial https://tsrono.bandcamp.com/album/ripari Ripari in particular is reminding me of classic Gescom. Quite good.
  4. Same. For some reason I decided way too late that maybe I should actually go. Boo.
  5. I haven't done electronic music for a very long time so I wouldn't really be in the best position to know what synths were used, how hard they are to get, or how difficult it would be to make this track. But it does sound hard as fuck to make. I definitely admit the manner of posting has all the trappings of fake, and also agree there were plenty of other believable apes - especially Erik (before we knew). But the Syro stuff is so advanced...haven't heard it anywhere else. And, to my ears, melodically quite believable. Prep Murder was pretty believable too though.
  6. I recall hearing similar views on this board around the time of Tuss. Despite being a newbie, apparently.
  7. To be clear - I love it regardless of origin
  8. Starting to listen through this now. It's really lovely so I'll probably snag a digital release.
  9. I've listened a lot yesterday and this morning. I'm changing my vote to RDJ. It's a remarkable track. I hear you about the drums, and maybe the EQ. And yes it certainly appears to have references to numerous RDJ tracks, but there's no sampling; it's an original track. The hardware sounds right, the melodies and arrangement sounds right, the complexity sounds right. The bass fluctuations around 1:12 kinda sold me. But it doesn't really make sense why it would be uploaded there the way it was. That part seems a 'no.'
  10. Good one! I've listened a few times, and lean no for a few reasons. But it's a marvelous track nonetheless. It really makes me think/wonder. When people talk about the drums and EQing, I'm not going to say they're wrong. But I will say that, at least in the more recent years, it's clear that RDJ does dozens of versions of tracks, gently evolving it from fairly basic to final lushness. We've seen that a few times with Tuss and Syro tracks. Certainly the interim tracks have lots of the RDJ magic but lack a lot of the final polish.
  11. http://opaltapes.com/album/berzerk Pretty solid minimal techno.
  12. This is officially out now, just downloaded. It's sounding *so* good! Anyone know why the name changed from Shinra to James Shinra? Maybe trademark concerns from Square?
  13. Looks like they have two albums coming up, one ambient and one beats. Samples sounding pretty good.
  14. He's got a lot of great stuff, but this is his best release.
  15. https://analogicalforce.bandcamp.com/album/af012-james-shinra-supernova-ep-2018 Formerly just Shinra, now James Shinra (wonder if there was a trademark concern?). Another mega dope sounding EP from AF. Definitely going to be getting this one. Interesting to see a new visual style from AF for 2018 too.
  16. Listened a few times. Bought it. It never blew me away, but it's a very solid listen throughout. Reminds me of early years Autechre on a few tracks.
  17. https://blackesteverblack.bandcamp.com/track/walking-distances Reminiscent of first album Autechre
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